1. M

    engine cod 31 and engine wont rev

    My 7mgte is throwing code 31, and dies as soon as the throttle is opened..the afm passes the only test of the AFM given in the book. it was running fine and then it ran out of fuel, and i reset the safc2 at the same time, now i cant get it running. i also cant seem to find clear instructions on...
  2. HeWhoOvercomes

    Where did the AFM go?

    Sorry guys, I have a noob question. I've noticed that when a lot of 7M guys install a big turbo, they have a 4" intake with a big K&N filter; but the AFM is gone. How does this work, or where did the AFM go? Thanks, Jordan :)
  3. S

    2jzgte vvti afm sensor = 2jzge afm ?????

    can someone tell me if the afm from a 2jzge works for a 2jzgte vvti??
  4. M

    T61 turbo/intercooler kit install trouble

    Im new to the site, I have an 87 na which I blew up so ive decided to do a jdm swap with a 7m gte. I bought a t61 turbo intercooler and downpipe for it from cx racing and they decided to send me a ic hose fitting thst is too big to mount to the turbo outlet. Any suggestions for fabbing...