1. slowerisfaster

    Matt's cylinder head rebuild - Finished

    As the title says I am getting ready to do a rebuild of the head in a couple of weeks. I have done a LOT of reading on this subject (thanks to this forum and others) and feel pretty confident that I will be able to complete it without much trouble. Since this will be the furthest I've dug into...
  2. D

    Rough Idle

    Hey Guys, My 89' gets a rough idle every now and then. The car doesnt die but will idle down to around 500rpm and idle rough. But this only happens once in a while. For instance i was driving it yesterday. Stop at a light and it was idling fine. Pull up the the next light thought it was going...
  3. M

    Help With Starter 7m-ge

    hey so im looking for the name of the male 1 pin connector that goes from the wiring harness to the starter and i cant seem to find it, i was wondering if anybody knew the name. Im having the usual MKIII starting problem and i want to cross everything off the list before i do the relay mod.