1987 supra

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    Having a lot of trouble with my 87 build i would really appreciate any advice

    I bought an 87 automatic Supra July and it was amazing until my issues got worse. The problems started with overheating while idling in traffic but there was never a sign of bhg. I was driving the car home one day a couple weeks after I started trying to fix the overheating problem and the car...
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    Am I asking too much?

    Hey this isnt really a fs thread but I'm wondering if 8k for this is too much to ask. 65k~ on the engine and trans 140~ on the chassis I need to sell this quick and buy a truck to haul my tools for school. http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/4406185796.html
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    climate control

    My climate control lights goes out everytime I turn on the headlights. As soon as the headlights is off there back on, where should I check for thesolution