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  • Hey whats up?
    I was wondering if you could help me?
    My friend has a '88 Supra turbo. And he asked me if I knew where the crank position sensor is...I told IDK if there is one?...Can you help?
    actually no. i didnt get it until december 1st. i payed for it october 30th! i think i waited quite a long time for you to find a box. especially when you didnt give me any update for like 2 weeks. i closed the dispute on paypal when i got the downpipe. ive done a few transactions with ppl through SM and your the only person ive had any problems with.
    so now you got your downpipe, you filed a complaint against me on paypal because i didnt have a box, and now you dissappear for 10 days? this is some ironic shit.
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