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  • Good stuff! Glad to hear you're still alive and kickin'. And you absolutely do get what you pay for. Me? Just trying to survive another brutal preparation for retail holiday's and... working hard to get the Supra scene back together.
    We're having a meet Saturday, November 12 @ 6:00PM at the Smokey Bones Bar & Grill in Greenwood (right at Fry Rd/US 31). Not necessarily a CAR meet, but rather a meet to gather all the Indiana Supra owners, have a meet and greet and get to know all the new faces. That, and I've got new INDIANA SUPRA CLUB decals to go on your Supra. :) They're tasteful, and look great on the cars. If you want one, come out on Saturday! If not, I'd be happy to meet up and give you one.
    Truthfully, I'm not sure what I want out of it.
    Say $250? Feel free to call or PM and we'll talk about it.
    Yes, I do.

    It's a Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion. It's all 3" Stainless steel piping, with the exception of a black painted muffler for an incognito look. ;)
    You're more than welcomed to stop by some time and look at it.
    It's actually on the car right now...but I took off the back off of it to let this 76mm turbo breath a bit better until I build the 4".

    317.395.8362 is the number, in case you lost it.
    Take care,

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