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  • hey buddy
    i was wondering if you could show me some morepics of those gold wheels on a car i am looking to buy those rims.
    Any bad or good comments on it ?
    ive been good man, collecting parts for fase 2 of my build-interior/exterior!
    the only things i need now is a lip and rear bumper add on's
    how bout u?
    damn that sucks.. oh well.. ya its going good i got it up and running and about 100 miles on it. im driving it up to the shop later this week for a 4" alm. exhaust and a good tune. hows your car?
    hey man how ya doin? say your ticket thread.. ouch... lol so you got your bike fixed?
    eh, thanks for the help though. I am having the same problem on another forum with the same features, so I must be resizing wrong.
    Hey, I was looking at your pictures in you album, and how did you upload them to here with out them getting fuzzy?
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