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  • Hey there T
    I'm never ever leaving my car with someone I don't know ever again.

    My interior is called shadow grey and it looks black.

    Hey, Not sure how active you are on the site (I am still learning how to navigate thru the site and post) ha ha
    I was looking thru the site and saw the pics of your car and read you horror story...I have one very similar...I have a lot of reservations when I have to take my car in or leave it, even with the Toyota Dealership. If I have to leave it overnight I ask for it to be put inside a bay. (I watch them put it in too) I mark where the gas is before I get out. I always trip my odomter too :evil2:
    I don't want to catch them I just want them to know I suspect them already!:biglaugh:
    Anyway; I can relate to your story! I have a blk 92 loaded with Pearl Grey Interior. A friend told me that I have "Pearl Grey Interior" I said looks blk to me :sarcasm:
    I haven't seen that on the site yet, about the interior. What "Color" is yous?
    Take care,
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