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  • Hey man I'm from puerto rico at a 00985 I'm really interested in a ignitor for a 88 supra turbo 5 spd... please tell me how much it is... I saw $50 shipped on your page please tell me if you have it or not please my phone number is 1 787 506 2792 my e-mail is supraturbo26@live.com
    pedro ramos
    Hi.. was wondering if u had any trim pieces. I need the two piece style 89 +.
    Need left fender piece, rear fender piece and two rear pieces. Let me kno. Thanks.
    hey kotu100 i have ruled out a bunch of stuff. i think i freid my ecu and it was only working in backup mode. no i get nothing but everything before and afterecu looks good. wondering i can borrow your spare ecu to test and see if it is the ecu or a wiring issue. would like to set something up to test ecus. easton isn't that far.
    i would like to use that ecu to see if i have fried the ecu. would also like to get another person who knows supra to look and see what i am missing.
    got another mk3... this ones an 89 non turbo 5sp but the body is in great shape to im gunna take the turbo out of the targa and swap em, witch leads me to:will the ecu to a turbo auto run the same motor, hooked up to the 7mge 5speed?
    Yea I know. Its killing me! I want to get it on the road before hot import nights! I doubt that will happen. :(
    nope... i needed a car to drive so i put my srt-4 on the road. i had too many projects and i need to finish the others 1st. im gonna rip the head off to check the valves eventually...
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