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  • Hey kevin, it's chance I just reached out to you on ebay about the hatch visor, just let me know what you can do I really appreciate it
    Hello Kevin..I have in the past bought some blinker covers off of you and was hoping you have a pair that I could purchase from you. Could you let me know if you have any available and how including shipping to the UK, many thanks Alan
    Hey kevin, i was wondering if you have anymore rear sunshades? Also could you message me price and everything? thanks
    Hi, Kevin. And I was told by a few fellow supra members that you sell rear hatch visors. So I'm here like everyone else. I'm interested. Thanks and have a great day.
    i'm desperate for one of those hatch visors. can't find any anywhere else so it looks like i'll have to bother you here.. may i please buy one?
    Hi Kevin, Interested in knowing if your still do the rear hatch visors? I live in New Zealand would you post at my expense?


    Do you still sell Sun Shade Kits. Searching for one and found you are the founding father. I have 90 Turbo Supra and like the look of you shade.



    wow, it looks like you created a monster... do you have any sunvisors left? how much did they go for when you did have them?
    Hi,looking for rear visor,do you still have any,if not do you know where i can get one??.....THX
    Hello Kevin can you help me on a rearhatch visor? I'm looking for a see through so not a carbonfiber of fiberglass
    Thanks for the 6'5" Front speaker pods, they were a great buy and a good upgrade.
    Do you have any more of those aftermarket front turn siganls left? 90supraturbo told me that you might have some. And if you do, how much are they?
    yeah Kevin for sure. I'd like a shade. Does it come with all the necessary hardware? About how much do you run one for? But yes; I'd like one.
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