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  • Hey, long time lurker and finally getting crap done on my boss. I went through Stevens entire build thread and I really like the coil mount you made for him with the 1zz could. I s wondering if you could send me a file related to that. I'm solid works savvy and would like to get that made at my shops machine shop. Any info would be much appreciated. Maybe even a donation for incentive?

    Thanks man.
    Hey Albert I was hoping that i could get any CNC machine files and tooling required. I would love to help you get this going and any r&d i would report back to you. Honestly any help into getting this swapped over would be appreciated. I'm a big 7m guy and love the idea of keeping it around, I just need a transmission to put behind it now.
    I bought a 57 trim ct26 from a member who was running it at the time. When he pulled it off, there were chips out of the impeller, so he sent along a new one.
    From the forums, I gather that you can balance it for me? What would it cost, how to ship, what parts are needed from the turbo, turnaround time, etc?
    I'm in San Jose, CA area 95124
    David Waggoner
    Hey have u driven ur car with ur current suspension setup I have everything same as u just targa :/ with no sway bars and I'm in massive debate on what to use so how are those ST sway bars? And did u use ur stock end links

    Sorry to ease drop but just figured it couldn't hurt to ask

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