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  • Its aight, my pops felt sorry for me and bought me a 1994 Caddy Eldorado, 300 horsepower northstar!!!. Toyota project is on hold. Im gona find another Cressida or Supra
    dude i totally got my car running great, then on my way to rochester some old fuckers from michigan ran a red light slammed into my passanger door goin bout 40 mph. Cars totalled :(
    Well were planning on having one on the 22nd of this month. Were going to meet up at suprasport. We will be sending out pm's shortly
    hey just wondering do have ever MN supra meets? iono im kinda clueless ok thanks
    I am just a little Northeast of the cities. Your from Clearwater huh? I drive past that going to and from school. Small town i am guessing
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