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  • Wow! Saw your LED project and was blown away. I started on a project like this several years ago but got side tracked on something else. I have always loved LED's and bright Animated lighting. It was something about LED's that was just totally different from any other light. I used to stare at Pinball machines and wonder how they made the lights travel in such patterns like they did. I have some ideas, and need some help. I have a Degree in Electronics but have never made or have a program to lay out PCB boards. We have an 89 MKIII that we are rebuilding from a severe engine failure, and while it's down I would like to start on the LED project. I want to do a project similar to AZDAVE on HIDplanet.I have seen his Eclipse. Amazing! I actually talked to Dale thru email, the guy who made his LED microcontroller. So My interest is Peaked. I also would like to buy a few PCB boards if you sell them. Please write back. I love this.
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