YotaMD Stealth Volt Meter - Anyone want to Buy the Design?


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Nov 10, 2006
Hey guys, reeeeeeally long time since I posted on here. My MK3 is collecting dust while I wait for it to become a father/daughter or father/son project with my little ones.

I have been offering these SVM units for years and the business is crazy enough now that I need to streamline things. This is the only product like this that I offer so it's the odd man out. It involves some very small cutting or machining for the lens and then some solder/crimping prep on the wires. It's just enough of a disruption to my workflow that I want to hand it off to someone else so I can focus better on my core offerings.

I'd rather not kill the product so I'm hoping someone on here might want to carry the torch. I'm happy to refer the new owner of the design from my product page to help gather sales. I'd sell off the design in full including current inventory (enough for 3 full units and lots of partials beyond that), CAD files, Assembly Instructions, STL files (to give to a 3d print shop or print yourself if you've got a high end printer) and any other support you might need to get the ball rolling.

Price is in the hundreds, not thousands and neghotiable.

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Feb 28, 2013
Tampa Bay Area
I was always missing the volt meter in my Turbo car until I got a cigarette lighter USB power supply that also has a voltage readout. When nothing is plugged into it, the voltage is displayed. I notice it jumps from like 12.7 to near 14, after I start the car. When you have something plugged into it then it displays the current draw for that device. They are available on eBay.