No marker, stop, tail lights or dash lights....


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Sep 25, 2005
west palm/fl/NYC
So I'm backing out of garage, step on the brakes and POP all gauge lights are gone as well as all my outer lights. Headlights still work and the warning lights, ABS, door ajar and clock works. I go straight to the fuse section next to driver pedals. I use my POWER PROBE and find GAUGE fuse has 12v with ign "on" position. The STOP and TAIL fuses are at 0v with the light switch clicked to the position right before headlight position. If I apply 12v to the fuses everything lights up as they should,,except for the gauge lights. Ive read other threads and seen the tail lamp fail box mod and the dimmer switch suggestions, but if 12v are applied at the fuse and all the marker lights function,,would that not be out of the equation? Forgot to mention I have a 90' turbo, 1j'd and all the fuses are good, not one has popped. I even replaced the fuses to make sure. I removed the complete dash assembly to c if i spot any grounded wiring. Any suggestions, anyone has had this happen to them? Electrical issues are so annoying!