Eclipse 2024 - Any plans? <--> Also, post pictures after the event.


Habitual Supra Killer
Mar 30, 2005
Hey Supramaniacs, a once in a lifetime even is going to happen around my area and maybe around yours.
Any plans to see it?
How are you getting there?
How far in miles are you from your destination spot?
There is projected to be an insane amount of traffic, but some of us may still brave the road trip.
For me (under ideal conditions) it is only a 3 hour drive to the center of the Path of Totality.
I've wondered about so many things, but nobody really knows for sure.
I just know I'm more afraid of not seeing it than what the journey might bring.

This crazy thing that I've heard of for so long is finally coming near me!
I only wish it were like 150 miles south of its path so I could watch it from my roof and to see how the animals in my wildlife sanctuary would react to it.
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