10 years - 92 rebuild 2jzgte vvti


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Mar 30, 2005
middletown, NJ
First build thread
Member since prior to this server keeping track-

So, 10 years ago I came across a 92 in southern California. Bought it, shipped it back to NJ.
I was at the end of a BHG repair to a 88 - but it had rust and was not a long term project.

There is a very long story about the last 10 years, but has sat in my garage and waited.
The Goal-
Reliable, 350-400rwhp, fun to drive, weekends but could be driven to work{maybe}

When I first got the car, I had decided to go 2jz and started buying parts.

Three years ago I got back into it and pulled out the old 7m & r154.

I picked up a 2jz gte vvti about 2 years ago and had it refreshed
( pistons, rings, main/rod bearings, thrust,oil pump, head rebuilt )
Every hose and gasket is new Toyota - all the water, oil, air, vacuum-

Going with sequential twins, rebuilt and upgraded ( thanks Albert)

New Hydrofan water pump ( from New Zealand )

Trans rebuilt and upgraded by DriftMotion ( these guys rock, Aaron is the best)

Dropped the front sub-frame, replaced
- Rack
- RonnieK sub-frame bushings
- Energy suspension black control arm bushings
- Lower Ball Joints
- ST sway bars
- Eiback springs
- Tokico struts
- cobra brakes

Where I am at now-
The front subframe is in, need to tighten the lower control arms, install the shaft that attaches to the rack from streering.
The engine is partially reassembled, have the exhaust side complete, minus the vacume hardware and hoses, wire harness, most of the intake side needs to be assembled but it is cleaned and painted.

Some picks


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Mar 30, 2005
middletown, NJ
Thanks for the comments
debrucer- Glad to hear I am not the only one with a very long term project!
SupraGuy - Thanks - will keep updates comming. Appreciated your help with my brake question!
akito - it was never a thought, this car is something like family -

Yesterday, ordered a bunch of parts from Aaron ( DM). Will need those to keep building!
Hope to get the car on all 4, out of the garage and give it a good bath


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Mar 30, 2005
middletown, NJ
Some more stuff sorted out

First go the car on all 4's and washed it for the first time in 4 years!

The got A/C sorted out
First the VVTI compressor will not accept the top piece from the from the 7m compressor. So I purchased a USDM 2jzgte A/C compressor from DM.
Next is to mount the compressor.
If you swap the stud from the top position with the bolt from the bottom, you can maintain all the original mouning.
You bolt up the AC Compressor without the top piece on, and just need to clearance a small piece on the top hat to make it fit

The P/S pup bracket will need to be clearanced once the engine is mounted and the A/C lines are bolted up.

Cleaned the coils, installed plugs coils and wires. Not sure whick plug the coils go on, as there is conflicting information. Currently coils on #2,#4,#6 with leads to 2->5, 4->3,6->1

installed the hard vacume pipes, waiting on the new hoses

Ordered from Dr Tweek a new wire harness, and all the assorted clutch bolts from DM (pp, flywheel, bell)

Trying to keep this moving along with all the other things in life

Buddy approved vehicles

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