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    Having a lot of trouble with my 87 build i would really appreciate any advice

    I bought an 87 automatic Supra July and it was amazing until my issues got worse. The problems started with overheating while idling in traffic but there was never a sign of bhg. I was driving the car home one day a couple weeks after I started trying to fix the overheating problem and the car...
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    Need help on my mk3! Bay area to Central Valley California.

    Hi. I'm in need of help on swapping my 7mgte on my mk3 supra. Engine came from a 89 mk3 (grey plug) with r154. I just changed the clutch on it. Basically just needing help to finish the swap. 408-643-3828 Kelvin I live in Stockton Ca. Call or text me anytime.
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    JDM Tiger Japanese

    So about a month ago I ordered a used 7mgte from JDM Tiger Japanese I heard mixed reviews about them. I saw more positive than negatives so i decided to go with it. It was roughly 1300 including shipping, their warranty starts once its been shipped. So it takes about a week to get here. While...