1. S

    Valve seal replacement without removing the head

    So I am going to attempt to replace the valve seals using the rope trick without removing the head as the head has been recently shaved and torqued down with ARP studs. I was a moron by not having the valve seals replaced while the head was off. So rather than paying a mechanic $800 to do this...
  2. Numba1Stuna

    Numba1Stuna's 1990 7M-GTE Complete rebuild thread

    I have been doing a COMPLETE rebuild on my 1990 7M-GTE. Just got my head and block back from Boise Cylinder Head. They decked the block .015 and milled the head .006, then my work really began... In the last couple of days I have completely disassembled the head for a clean and precise rebuild...