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    90 cluster in pre 89

    Hey guys i am doing a 1jz swap in an 87 7mge supra. I was wondering what i would have to do to get the 90 gauge cluster in the 87 to work. mind you not using tems, or security, and im running a aftermarket boost gauge. (took the stock one out of cluster). If you have any info message me! Thanks Aj
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    coolant gauge fluctuates!! help

    at idle my coolant temp is normal but when i start to drive it fluctuates between normal and 3/4 of the way (towards the hot side) what could it be?
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    coolant temp gauge doesnt want to work =[

    the coolant temp gauge on my dash stopped working.... i noticed the wire broke inside the connector, and the coolant temp sensor sender no longer was good so, i replaced the sensor with a new one from toyota and replaced the connector with a spade connector and soldered it together, but still...