1. S

    Will a r154 driveshaft fit a w58 transmission?

    Will the front shaft of a r154 driveshaft fit into a w58 transmission? And if so can rhe r154 front shaft bolt on to the rear shaft of an auto a340e driveshaft? (I'm working on a 5 speed swap, picked up what I thought was a w58 driveshaft but turned out to be the r154) :1zhelp::1zhelp:
  2. M

    Anyone know of a reputable place to get a remanned A340E?

    I've done some searches for remanufactured units without much luck. There's a few places around here (NW Georgia) who will do a rebuild, but I'm not entirely confident in them. So any recommendations for quality remanned units would be appreciated. Thanks...
  3. M

    A340E problem partially solved but still looking for help

    The problem I've been working to solve is my transmission being overly fond of L1. While driving around in Drive or Overdrive it will suddenly and without any prompting drop into L1, at which point I have two options... let my speed fall off to around 15 mph when 1st gear re-engages and allows...
  4. M

    A340E shift solenoids. Anyone tried any other than Toyota OEM?

    Reason I'm asking is my O/D lockup solenoid is shorted and I'm planning on replacing all 3 solenoids while I've got the pan pulled. The OEM units are pretty pricey, and I'm hoping someone has some experience with some quality aftermarket replacements. I've found a 3-piece kit from Rostra and...
  5. M

    Still having a downshift problem, A340E in a '88 GTE.

    I've got a lot of the bugs ironed out but this one is still throwing me. At random times while out driving the transmission will decide to downshift to low 1. Doesn't seem to matter if at the time I'm then in 3rd or in OD, or what speed I'm going at the time, but it will abruptly downshift...
  6. SupraSean

    a340e from a lexus 1uz?

    I understand that the bellhousing and tailshaft housing are different, and i would assume the speed sensor goes in the same hole as the speedo cable drive gear, other than that couldnt i change those few things and use an a340e say out of an sc400, for a 7mgte supra? thanks in advance.