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    Power Steering Rack Centering How critical ?

    Also, you don't need to remove the steering wheel to adjust it. You can simply disconnect the input shaft where it goes into the rack, straighten the steering wheel and reconnect the input shaft.
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    Who else has the plaid floor mats?

    Are the red plaid ones actually MK3 floor mats? I ask because why is there a hole for a hook. MK3 didn't have them unless that was JDM only.
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    2022 - CT-26 Stock Replacement Options

    Albert is still rebuilding them. He just rebuilt one for me. And he can do 57trim upgrades, 360 thrust washer, billet wheels, polishing, thermal coatings etc.
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    Rockauto Wholesale Parts Supra

    Thanks, I'll pass on the oil pan gasket. Just got new pads for the front and rear for $5 each and wipers for $1.26 each.
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    Rockauto Wholesale Parts Supra

    What is the 5% off code? Also, anyone know anything about the Felpro rubber oil pan gasket. I am aware you should use FIPK but I would like to replace the gasket without pulling the motor. If I use FIPK the motor would have to be pulled b/c there is no way you are putting a bead of FIPK on...
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    Mix matched valve seals??

    Sounds like they didn't replace the seals. My car smoked a little on start up when I had my head machined as well but I didn't tell them I needed new valve seals. I guess I assumed it was standard to replace them. When I got the car back the smoke was worse so I did the rope trick and...
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    What to do- turbo seals shot, smokes on deceleration

    My car blew blue smoke on start up. I did the rope trick and replaced the valve seals. 100% fixed the problem and now have zero smoke on start up. My car currently blows smoke when coming to a stop......I can see a trail of smoke go by. I am pretty certain it is my turbo seals which sounds...
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    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    I dig the rims and tires!!
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    White Package 92 Turbo with 53k Miles Popped up in CO.

    Yea I wonder if it sold. He was getting a lot of questions about it. Only thing is he didn't have any pics of the engine or interior but I suspect it was in decent shape. You would just have to find a shadow gray dash. Also, i didnt like the fact it wasnt a manual from the factory. If I...
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    Since you don't have TEMS I would def. go with coilovers as they will perform better than any spring/strut combo. Check as I think they have a decently priced set of Tein coilovers.
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    White Package 92 Turbo with 53k Miles Popped up in CO.

    I messaged him and asked....he said 9k obo
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    Does your car have TEMS or no? Are you looking at spring and struts or coilovers?
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    White Package 92 Turbo with 53k Miles Popped up in CO.

    FYI - someone just posted a 1992 teal 5speed turbo sunroof with shadow gray on one of the Facebook supra groups. Only mods are intake, exhaust and intercooler according to the post. It also has a crack in the dash. I messaged the kid and he told me it was originally auto and swapped to an...
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    Cold temps demonstrated on conventional oil

    This test makes zero sense bc the "Wal-Mart brand" container mouth is much smaller than the widemouth sythetics. So yea it is going to pour much slower at that temp.