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    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    Not really, but there will be soon. In the meantime, I have to replace 30 pages of dead pic links!!!
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    Front subframe bushings tigthening sequence /method

    I believe that there was an issue with the steel sleeves being slightly too long, and people were cutting them down by like a 1/4". I think I may have had to do this as well- can't recall. I put my orange RK bushings in about a decade ago.
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    How to Replace a MKIII Driveshaft Carrier Bearing for $50

    Rather than go the Ford Ranger bearing route, there are good carrier bearings available now on Ebay, designed for the Supra. They only cost around $65. I replaced mine when it went bad, and never had a problem afterwards. I don't know if a stock driveshaft needs balancing, but I would probably...
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    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    Welcome back everybody! A few years have passed, and not a lot has happened with my project, but the good news is, I didn’t get rid of it. I MUST finish this car. If for nothing else, I have to have closure. Since the last update, I’ve simply been collecting a few things here and there; euro...
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    Major changes

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    Foreverpsycotic's 91 supra turbo build.

    Yes, why are there cotton swaps (q tips) in your turbo?
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    Thank you!!!!

    Whaddup up old school peoples!! Glad to see the old crew in here. and yes. I will finish my build this year, I promise!
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    Project Equinsu Ocha

    Still can’t see your pics, Doon. You have to pay the photobucket ransom fee, or start using another hosting site.
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    Dooor handle light

    Anything is possible. I'm just not sure where the wires attach to, from the door handle, out to under the dash.
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    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    Well, that was like 4 years ago, but if I recall correctly, it was about a hundred.
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    New DriftMotion CPS Magnet Mod & Digital CPS Upgrade ???

    I ordered the same magnet, and gave it a shot. Saw no difference whatsoever. But then again, I haven't had any sort of misfire issues anyway.
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Installed longer rear studs, and 10mm spacers.
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    Hatch bump stop installation

    They're probably just coated with a thin layer of black oxide. The same rust issue happened with my rear hatch strut bolts.
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    Dooor handle light

    On USDM models, it's just on the left door(driver's door). I expect that RHD cars have the light on the right side door.