Standalone ECU - 2JZ-GTE Speeduino for non-vtti plug and play-ish


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May 17, 2010
These are not fully plug and play units yet, but maybe someone wants to help.

And this post is intended for anyone who's heard of speeduino/open source ECU in general. would prolly be good for swaps

i just made one with the toyota 120 plug that's on supra, sc300, and a bunch of other 2j equipped vehicles.

so i made a few of these (well, about to make), it's a speeduino running on atmega2560. a basic speed-density standalone budget minded.

these with the atmega2560 are 6 sequential inj, and 3 ign, so it's running waste spark, and sequential fuel.

crank/cam inputs can be either vr (with a conditioner - needs testing), or hall crank/cam (dual wheel 12 crank 1 cam), or any other sane trigger works.

or hall input with a few jumpers.

there's neat things inside for configuration.

there's 19 protected mosfets, 6 for injectors, 1 for boost, rest are just broken out on the board
16 adc inputs, some are used for basics, rest are on board



there's also a rusEFI uaEFI version as well, but if you've made it this far, you'll know what that means:



so if anybody is interested. dm me.


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