Rules for Off-Topic (Updated 2/28/2008 - READ)

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Mar 30, 2005
Recently the topic of censorship & content moderation has been a hot button item around here.

The following is the OFFICIAL SupraMania! policy on the matter:

The Off Topic section of this website is, and always has been, "enter at your own risk". This is the only section of this website with very light moderation. With that said, some of the content in the Off Topic section of the site may be "NWS" (not work safe) or VERY offensive to some members. If you are a person who is easily offended, you are advised to stay out of that section of the site.

As of 12/2006, off-topic has been split into two sections, the main area which applies for most off topic posts and Theresa's VIP Room which is a section reserved for "Relationship advice, boob pics, sex talk, everything you probably wouldn't say in front of your mom"

The rules for the Off Topic section are as follows:
  • NO nudes/porn in your posts, links only and only clearly marked NWS. If you have nudes or porn to discuss, do it in Theresa's VIP Room.
  • NO Flame wars
  • Keep reposting to a minimum
  • Respect a moderators decision during the fate of a thread...any objections to be handled via PM.
  • Post whoring threads will most likely be deleted and the author will get a ban. I'm not kidding folks.
  • Political and religious views are accepted..however, please respect somebody's position on the stated topic, if you disagree state so, and be prepared to back up your opinion. Logic and reason will get you a lot farther than shrill screaming.
  • Have fun, this is the off topic section, good for letting loose after a frustrating day or sharing your stories after a good one.
  • RESPECT ONE ANOTHER, this includes your fellow board members right to hold their own opinion.
  • This is a public forum. Once you make a thread, be prepared for other people to post in it, and possibly ask questions or bring up topics that may seem tangential. You DO NOT own a thread simply because you are the thread starter.
  • If you see something in Off Topic that upsets you, we are certain that your keyboard came with a backspace key. Use it.
  • Posts which intentionally or unintentionally slander another forum member, be it regarding a true matter or a false matter, will be looked at on a case by case basis, and will likely be deleted, we don't need members badmouthing other members, especially if it's not related to Supra or site matters. (Issues regarding sales, etc, can be posted in the appropriate forum).
(Please note that ILLEGAL acts, regardless of location will not be tolerated. Threatening people on a forum is a crime. Remember this.)

All of the other forums throughout the remainder of the site have VERY clear titles that will inform you as to what posts belong in those sections - with that in mind there should NEVER be "NWS", controversial or offensive topics in any area of the site outside of Off Topic. This is your first, last and FINAL warning on the matter.

Signatures are posted everywhere, they should not contain the aforementioned "NWS" or offensive material. If the contents of your signature drag a thread off topic, your signature is therefore off topic. Also, so as not to detract from the readers ability to see the content on this site, no blatantly annoying or distracting animated sigs as well. You know what we are talking about. Additionally we may choose to limit the size of signatures as we deem necessary to keep the enjoyment of this community high.

Some general suggestions for your perusal as well:
--- Be Civil - This is a public forum with real people. Respect is still possible, and required among members with differing views.
--- Think - Don't say anything via this message board that you wouldn't say if the receiving person was standing right in front of you. Visualize that person holding a large axe raised above their head if that will remind you to re-read a post before sending it.
--- Private Stays Private - Don't forward private replies without permission.

Rule Addendum 1/1/2006 - Posts in off topic do not add to your post count.

Rule Addendum 5/1/2006 - The posting of the "Goatse" image or the "Tubgirl" image, or similar images that are intended to offend or shock, will get you an instant 1 week ban for a first offense. Second offense is permaban. That stuff isn't/wasn't/is never going to be funny.

Rule Addendum 5/9/2006 - We respectfully reserve the right to deny service to assholes like you. Meaning, if you come to this site with obvious trolling, bad behavior, etc. We are just going to ban you. This is a privately owned and funded forum that we happen to allow public access to. We (the management) may, at our discretion, remove users that we find disruptive or abrasive.

Rule Addendum 11/29/2006 - The above addendum includes posts determined to be "pointless". Every post on this system adds to the size of the database and adds to the eventual hardware requirements of the site. If you are one of these knuckleheads who likes to post "me too" or "lol" posts, you are going to find your stay here a short one.

Rule Addendum 2/27/2008 - There is now a Wall of Shame on this site. Think before you post please. You don't want to wind up on the Wall of Shame.

Rule Addendum 2/28/2008 - No "vote for me", "vote for my cousin" , "vote for <anything>", "blow up this link", push traffic to x website posts. Any post that consists of some bullshit voting site or similar stuff is considered spam. You aren't mass soliciting votes or traffic here, we deal with enough spam in our email. It isn't welcome here.
Jun 6, 2006
The posting of the "Goatse" image or the "Tubgirl" image, the "BME Pain Olympics", or similar images/videos that are intended to offend or shock, will get you an instant 1 week ban for a first offense. Second offense is permaban. That stuff isn't/wasn't/is never going to be funny. This includes scat/golden showers/those two girls shitting in a glass and eating it.
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