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    Any one tried ridiescom seat covers?

    I honestly have no clue as well, probably not cheap if youre planning on using new seat foam as well. Does anyone have an estimate for to have seat cover installed?
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    Any one tried ridiescom seat covers? is a great company with great reviews but their prices have skyrocketed recently so I was trying to find a cheaper option
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    Any one tried ridiescom seat covers?

    Yes he does have rear seats but you have to read his descriptions to see if they are included Those look good as well, I would like to see them installed though for both companies though. There always seems to be fitment issue on our cars because our seat foam has compressed over the years.
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    Any one tried ridiescom seat covers?

    I was a store on ebay called 'ridiescom' selling leather seat covers for our cars. He seems to do great work and I was wondering if anyone has tried them yet. Heres a link for reference...
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    Who wants a FFIM from SupraSport? Gauging Interest

    just to clarify, this is for 7m right?
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    89+ Shine Auto JDM Front Lip Interest?

    How much will this product cost?
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    89+ Shine Auto JDM Front Lip Interest?

    Ill take one! i think that makes 15 right?
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    GreenChevelless's Remorse: 1992 supra build

    Do you still have the original shift knob?
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    Swappable parts 86-89

    I installed a door from a 90 car onto my 88 with no issues
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    Virginia 1/2 mile wannagofast race with my Na-t supra!

    Very cool. Glad you had a good time. Car seems to have some power as well.
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    FCON and GCC + A/F tuning for newb

    My old set up was FCON, HKS sport turbo, HKS down pipe and exhaust and FCD. Stock injectors and air filter setup. With 14 psi and 100 octane fuel in would run 107mph in the quarter mile. Race weight with me and all stuff in car was 3940lbs. This makes it about 360 hp according to slide...
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    Coolant leak...lost on where. Help!

    Maybe buy a coolant pressure tester.
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    No injector pulse!!! update

    What is specific about my question. That is the answer. I tend to agree about no IGF.
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    No injector pulse!!! update

    " I went through a ton of wires" If this is true what can you tell me about the test on pins E1, eo1 and eo2?
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    Lots of blue smoke/misfire/ turbo?

    A real compression test will provide real information. Never should have changed the oil.
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    mk3 rear license plate mounting screw size?

    Make sure to put anti seize on your new bolts. We have to change plates every 3 or 4 years. I am glad I use anti seize.
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    Hagerty Value guide

    ^^ I agree. However I feel the 1992 will be worth more. About 1200 brought to states in 1992 and the only year of true shadow grey interior. The ones with black leather seating surfaces.
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    MHG Leaking?

    I bet his throttle plate was closed while doing compression test. Very few people do a proper compression test.
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    Hagerty Value guide

    Its good to see nice cars bringing in the money. Very nice cars are getting harder to come by. Nice to see a window sticker, $25,000 in 1987 was an expensive car. . Some 1992 models tipped in at a little over $30 k new.