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  1. cuel

    XTD Clutch scam!

    Finally had to pull the stage 3 xtd for my n/a. Installed in October of 07, 500 mile break in. Throw out bearing locked up, so figured I'd pull the clutch to. Here's some pics of the damage to the flywheel and pressure plate, as well as the worst puck. Putting in a stage 2 kevlar full disk...
  2. cuel

    Timing problem 87 NA

    Sounds like your timing belt is off a tooth. Never set the crank to TDC at the dampener when setting the timing belt. Use the marks on the timing belt pulley and the back cover. TSRM doesn't show them, but they're there. Key should be pointed straight up, and you can verify with a wood...
  3. cuel

    How to get to brake switch?

    I do these all the time on many different cars. The rubber pad gets brittle with age, and falls apart. A short bolt through from the switch side, with a nut on the other side is a permanent fix. No rubber to break down, or glue to let go(it will after a while). Pulling the pin will let you...
  4. cuel

    maf to map and alt sensor

    If you're using GM sensors, you need GM pig tails(the harness end that plugs into the sensor). O'Rielly's can get them for you. You wire them in according to the directions with the ems.
  5. cuel

    well looks like I am going the other way!

    An Rx7 that doesn't run. More than likely it has too many miles, and not enough oil changes. Apex seals are probably shot, so it probably needs a rebuild. Forget that pile(unless you like torture), and get a civic, corrola, or even a cavalier. At least they'll run for a while, and are no...
  6. cuel

    setting the distributor

    You have to make sure all the timing marks are lined up. You can set #1 at tdc on the exhaust stroke, and the timing will be out.
  7. cuel

    1986 NA Rough Running and VSV Connector Problem

    Compression test. All injectors working? One either clogged or dead will give you the same symptoms. Engine ear will tell you if they're working or not. How's it idle?
  8. cuel

    Very lame news indeed!!

    You're talking about the pipe that runs under the intake and behind the head? You could prolly pick one up cheap in the fs section.
  9. cuel

    Ignition Switch problems

    Dumb question, but did you plug in the connections? Is the switch aligned correctly with the tumbler?
  10. cuel

    Front end noise

    PM Grimsta(Zankoku Performance) for the Energy Suspension poly control arm bushings(those of you that need them). Complete kit(front and rear, upper and lower, iirc) runs around $150.
  11. cuel

    pacesetter flange advice

    Looks like it's just got a couple tack welds on each side of the tubes? You wouldn't finish welding the outside around the tubes?
  12. cuel

    stick with the 7mge?

    There's some resistor differences between the GTE and GE tachs. You'd need the cluster from a turbo car, or change some resistors on the tach. There's a pic of what has to be changed floating around here...
  13. cuel

    2 Problems, no start, loud noise

    Does it overheat with the cat off? How did you set the ignition timing?
  14. cuel

    New 89 N/A, weird shake/shutter problem

    Driveshafts are different. Could be the flywheel that is chattering, depending on how bad it is. As far as the noise, I haven't figured that one out yet. Mine did it with the stock d.s., and does it with a one piece as well. Checked gear lash, pinion, bearings, everything, and haven't quite...
  15. cuel

    Put the tools down and step away from the 7M!

    wow. Fresh engine? Wonder if he's attempted enough starts to wear the assembly lube out yet. If he does get it started, it won't run for long... Chevy uses oil coolers in the radiators on trucks. The lines are bigger than the trans cooler, though.
  16. cuel

    Who has a Jeep here?

    If you have the AWD or full time 4wd versions, be sure to run the same size tires front and back. Repaired a few transfer cases from having bigger tires in the back than the front. Iirc, the recommended difference in tires is only 1/16".
  17. cuel

    Gates Raceing power grip hose clamps?

    I've seen those ct clamps fail or leak many times. Most of the time they failed because they were removed wrong and got bent, and leak when not put back in the same position they were from the factory(when reusing the hoses). I reuse them most of the time. There are a few places where...
  18. cuel

    xtd clutch explosion.

    Use a dial indicator in the bell housing to check the input shaft, just to be sure it isn't bent. I've seen a few bell housings welded(usually broken due to installation error), and they've turned out fine. Good luck to you. I've had an xtd("stage3") in my n/a for a couple of years now. The...
  19. cuel

    Won´t rev past 5500rpm

    41 is a tps code. Yes, it will effect the way the car runs.
  20. cuel

    7mgte AFM issues, please help! sells a billet cps cover, with new seal and bolts, for $65.