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  1. suprajim54

    Where did everyone go?

    I, too, am on Tacomaworld and feel like it's the best forum I've been on. But, like you said, Tacomas are still being sold new and there's also a huge aftermarket for the truck. Do you want a Rock Crawler, Expo/Camping Rig, Long Travel, fast lowered X-Runner or just stock truck? A Supra is...
  2. suprajim54

    Weird partial boost surging with AEM Truboost

    I also use the Truboost but with a 60-1 CT26 and the 11psi wastegate from Driftmotion. When I installed the Truboost I had some problems dialing it in and experienced some boost spikes and surging. I followed the AEM directions and set spring pressure at 8 (3 below WG Spring). It would spool up...
  3. suprajim54

    Types of TRD Gagues for 90 Supra

    The answer is in the second pic. You can design your own custom gauge faces.
  4. suprajim54

    The Small Questions Thread

    I bought my Aisin fan clutch from Rock Auto. Actually, I bought one for a Tundra (2003, i believe). It fits just the same but keeps the car a hair cooler than the stock MK3 one.
  5. suprajim54

    Tein Street Advance Coilovers, anyone tried them?

    It's combined. I used brand new "stock" KYB Mounts on top and the Tein shock body is threaded to adjust the height of the spring perch, which also compresses the spring. The only other adjustment is the damping level of the shocks. According to the Tein website, Max adjustment on the Front is...
  6. suprajim54

    Bumper Fitment

    Mine is a 92, so my lip options aren't limited. I found a thread where someone made a 89+ lip fit an 88, but opinions varied on the results. The bumper shape is different, so it doesn't really look right to me.
  7. suprajim54

    Bring back the Kaminari 3 piece spoiler???

    +1 The side pieces look way too short, and the wing itself should extend pretty far off the hatch...almost even with the bumper. Don' t think I've seen one with an antenna hole in it either. Did the Kaminari come with a 3rd brake light?
  8. suprajim54

    Bumper Fitment

    While both will mount to any 86-92 body, Pre 89 and 89+ are two different bumpers. The lips mounts to the bumper. Therefore, the lips are different. The lips are not interchangeable between the two bumpers without some type of modification/customization.
  9. suprajim54

    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    Mine was the same. I re-used the stock banjo bolt and fitting on the stock brake lines but they seemed too short or too kinked and I couldn't reattach the small 2-bolt bracket that mounts to the hub/knuckle. I ziptied the bracket and bled the brakes enough for a quick test drive before replacing...
  10. suprajim54

    Oil pump driveshaft failure

    Beech also sells a modified shaft retainer plate for $130 or can modify yours for $60. Although, the needle bearing setup Andrew suggested seems pretty nice for the same price new as the one from Beech. The Beech one just has some grooves machined in it for oiling. Still has to be an upgrade...
  11. suprajim54

    Tein Street Advance Coilovers, anyone tried them?

    Street Advance replace the Super Street in their lineup. New ones have better damping adjustment (according to their website They also include dust boots. Not sure what else, but I don't know if you can even find the Super Street anymore. I...
  12. suprajim54

    Tein Street Advance Coilovers, anyone tried them?

    I've been running them for about 9 months now. I like them but only have the stock shocks and springs to compare to. They settled about a half inch or so after the first month. I definitely had enough adjustment to have it slammed, but the roads around me aren't great. They have a lot of dips...
  13. suprajim54

    Concerning low oil pressure Look again, TSRM states idle pressure is 4.3 psi and 36-71 at 3,000 RPM. My oil pump is shimmed so I have higher readings, but my old stock engine was in spec. Seemed about 10psi for every 1,000RPMs. Sounds like you're within...
  14. suprajim54

    Removing gte

    The lighter duty lifts don't allow the boom to extend out as far. Some have had to remove the front bumper and others have been able to go from the side. I'm not sure if either is an option for you. A leveler definitely helps, especially when putting the engine back in. I have the 2 ton lift...
  15. suprajim54

    lexus afm +550cc injector mod not working. using stock AFM housing.

    There should not be any codes caused by the lexus/550 mod. Like Bmettie says, Code 31 is the sensor, not the housing. ECU is not getting a signal from the AFM. Did you have the code before you put the 550's in? Any issues with the plug at the afm or the wiring to the ECU?
  16. suprajim54

    lexus afm +550cc injector mod not working. using stock AFM housing.

    Which injectors are you running? High impedance or Low? I have the High Impedance RX-7 injectors in mine. Everything I read said it should work fine with the resistor pack still connected, but mine had symptoms similar to yours. I removed the resistor pack and although I sometimes read a little...
  17. suprajim54

    SoCal: Finally got my Dream Supra!!!

    Awesome lineup you got there. Congrats and welcome to SM!
  18. suprajim54

    Coolant issue

    Just do the block test. I tested mine about 6 months ago and failed. Tried to retorque the ARP Head Bolts, but still failed the block test afterward. However, I've put a thousand miles on it since then and beat on it every once in awhile. I have no smoke and don't feel like power has decreased...
  19. suprajim54

    iacv wiring
  20. suprajim54

    jdm ecu vs us ecu, how can you tell which is which?

    Not sure why this old thread got bumped, but I may as well add some info. My 89+ Gray Plug JDM A/T ECU is part number 89661-14230. Gray Plug M/T should be 89661-14630. The sticker is purple & red on the JDM instead of blue & yellow on the USDM.