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  1. MkIII FTW

    Bucket List Road Trip

    Now this is my kind of road
  2. MkIII FTW

    Supra's brothers, White MkIV and Red MKIII

    Welcome! Very clean cars you and your brother have! I look forward to seeing the progress you make.
  3. MkIII FTW

    What are your favorite things about MKIII Supras?

    For me, the my Mk3 has its own story and I get to tell it every time someone ask about the car....that's what I call pride. What I love the most is the pride of all the work I put into making the car mine. There's nothing about the car that I can't talk about from the engine down to my choice...
  4. MkIII FTW

    Ridiculous 1000HP 7M Street MK3 Build

    How is the trigger wheel secured to the pulley?
  5. MkIII FTW

    Messing around with my car again.

    You got that right. I live in Huntsville and the weather is absolutely miserable. There's no way I'd try to work on my supra in this heat.
  6. MkIII FTW

    Any MS3Pro users on here?

    I'm not trying to change the subject or start a debate but I'm seriously on the fence between the MS3Pro and a ProEFI 128. For you guys using the MS3Pro, how has it been so far? Has there been anything that any of you guys disliked about the product?
  7. MkIII FTW

    Messing around with my car again.

    Oh man that sucks some kind of bad. Hope the damage is minimal....
  8. MkIII FTW

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    This is what I call Mk3 poetry hahaha. I don't think I've ever heard anyone justify not tinting a car like that but it definitely makes sense.
  9. MkIII FTW

    James' 94 Supra Turbo

    Wow, you've done a complete 180 to this car. It looks so much better back in stock form. Great job, keep it up!!
  10. MkIII FTW

    Ridiculous 1000HP 7M Street MK3 Build

    I was gonna ask if you were an engineer by trade because I am and this seems exactly like something I'd do. Living life one spreedsheet at a time haha.
  11. MkIII FTW

    Anyone seen this yet?!

    Saw this video the day it came out....I'm pretty sure I've watched this video more times than anything else on YouTube. You could say I'm addicted :D.
  12. MkIII FTW

    Venting about my neighbors..

    I'm from the southeast. I grew up in the country on 90 acres of property then moved away for college. I gotta say, I love the feeling of being able to go out on my own property with no one else around and do whatever the hell I want. I don't live in the country right now because of school but I...
  13. MkIII FTW

    Supra Road-Trip 2015: America's Best Roads?

    Yep....Looks like its time for me do take the supra out for a road trip. That's awesome!
  14. MkIII FTW

    Dark and Tan MK3

    It's not too often I see another anthracite colored supra like mine. Nice work!!
  15. MkIII FTW

    my dream

    That's really cool that you were able to get your car back after all that time. I know with me things like that definitely allow for a special bond or maybe it's just an addiction hahaha. Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Best of luck!
  16. MkIII FTW

    Bucket List Road Trip

    Those pictures are incredible!!
  17. MkIII FTW

    Mine's Fuel Hacker

    Where did you find that?
  18. MkIII FTW

    7mgte m/t '88 hardtop by lochun

    I'm loving how this is turning out. Definitely excited to see more!!
  19. MkIII FTW

    Under hood cleanup

    Definitely a gorgeous example of a MKIV... I can't wait to see the results of the clean up