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    Bring back the Kaminari 3 piece spoiler???

    ohhh any updates lately bluebullet89?
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    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    Bump, anything new ?
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    Group A MA70 Turbo Restoration -The Willmington Supra

    Oh wow good piece of history there. How much power were those car's running during those days? Hopefully you can get competitive with the skylines! I always see them dominating historics.
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    Group A MA70 Turbo Restoration -The Willmington Supra

    She's a beauty. Hopefully I get to see you at the Vic Historic events. The only toyota I've only chance to see in the racing class is a toyota corolla.
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    Unsure of Overheating Cause

    If this was the stock gauge, my bro's one had some funny yellow colored like as if oil and water mixed/corrosion building up around the area where the gauge sensor was threaded in which I believed was causing the spikes. Had an aftermarket temp gauge which was stable so wasn't until after...
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    My 500hp Turbo-A Build.

    nah it's the a70s supra australia
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    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    Looking great!!
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    Does anyone have a picture of the Crash/Reo bar mod IJ did?

    I booked marked this years ago and totally forgotten all the photos he posted are gone . He cut the back section of the bar and welded a plate to help channel the air better to intercooler
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    Hi from Australia

    Welcome! Glad you have you on board John! Shame to hear about one the cars being crushed :O Do you often compete in historics?
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    CPS Repair

    Looks great! solid effort!
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    Ryan's 92 build thread aka NashMan

    Wow those are really neat Group A stuff you got there :D
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    The Bearded Beast's rebuild

    Hey supraguy. 1: lapping block. and this was all 'SODA' Blasting except for glass bead on pistons. 2:Yes 3:All of above 4: Techline coatings 5: why not :O
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    The Bearded Beast's rebuild

    Cheers Supraguy! alight the rest! Back from the machineshop Thought the finish look a bit dull for a MHG, but don't have a profilometer to confirm To be sure though, i went over it using my lapper. Before After
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    The Bearded Beast's rebuild

    Hi all, helping out a mate with his car as his motor had lost comp on cylinder number 3. Went to find out why and it was horrible. Long story short, sold him a good block I had, ARP head studs and a 2.0MM titan headgasket from a fellow member here and had the short block flex honed,re-ringed...
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    High compression high RPM 7M-GE build

    Ancient thread bump? any updates andrew?
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    Broken oil pump drive pulley, help

    It was the crank timing gear, it was about the front part part of the pulley snapping off in that particular thread.
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    Carbon Fiber Dash Cover

    ohh just found the link from S2 supra style, apparently they're going out of business :(
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    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    yeah all of that was, sourced from lord digital, unless I read it wrong :S. Btw josbeat, how much does the carbon fiber doors weigh?