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  1. suprageezer

    Toyota Supra Art from Toyota

    I am busy contacting all kinds of corporations to help the Gearhead Garage kickstarter project of Nick Steen. I was trying to find an email at Toyota to make a request, and came across this page.
  2. suprageezer

    Tokico Illumina IIs

    It looks to me like you can order them direct from Hitachi, which is who owns Tokico
  3. suprageezer

    Which engine?

    My own personal 12 years of 89 Supra NA experience, blown head gasket on original 7MGE repaired, never ran right after that, 500.00 ebay jdm 7mGE motor, decent miles, then blown head gasket, professionally rebuilt 7MGE, began to have problems buring oil in number five cylinder within a few...
  4. suprageezer

    Tokico Illumina IIs

    When I needed them a few months back I had heard they were discontinued also. I contatced Tokico and they told me they were still making them. Yes it says they are five way adjustable. Part numbers I bought on ebay were, Right Front EU3634 Left Front EU3634 Right Rear EU3635 Left Rear EU3635
  5. suprageezer

    Suspension Bushings

    Doat, whatever Energy sells is what I imagine they used when they did my bushings. Its been at least three years and maybe 50-60K miles and no squeaks. Grim, that's a great question, it took years of me and other members here hounding them before they finally said if someone offers up a donor...
  6. suprageezer

    Suspension Bushings

    I bought my Tokico Illuminas, and Eibach springs from Kuruma Motoring for 700.00 on ebay, he also sells the shocks with H&R springs.Then I bought KYB shock boots from RockAuto so the shafts would be somewhat protected from road debris. I've had the Energy Suspension Poly bushings for a few years...
  7. suprageezer

    Swapping an old Plymouth with an Aristo Drivetrain

    Welcome Dave, good to see you here. Rick
  8. suprageezer

    7mge Exhaust Manifold vs 2jzge

    Will a 7mge Exhaust Manifold bolt up to a 2jzge engine? Thanks Geezer
  9. suprageezer

    The Future I believe this is the beginning of Formula One Technology coming to the street.
  10. suprageezer

    Flush Turn Signals

    You're right, thank you for that heads up, now I have a search word, and I've already found them. Geezer
  11. suprageezer

    Flush Turn Signals

    I've a few pictures of MK3s with flush front turn signals, does anyone have any info on where they can be bought? Thanks Geezer
  12. suprageezer

    tokicos or bilsteins?

    I have the tems compatible Tokicos Illumina II's on eibach springs. I could not be happier, smooth ride when I want it, firm when I need it. I also love the slight rake of the front drop, it really changed the aero of the car.
  13. suprageezer

    Give me reasons to keep the supra.

    Then there’s another reason, although I myself love to drive mine, and love the reliability. I remember back in the mid to late seventies we all had these five, six, and seven year old Detroit cars with gas guzzling engines. As time went on we started asking ourselves why do we want these...
  14. suprageezer

    87 Supra Competitor in 2012 Targa Newfoundland

    Back in the day I was a big fan of IMSA Racing, but I never knew they actually raced one race at Pikes Peak, was hoping to see a Supra, but there wasn't one.
  15. suprageezer

    87 Supra Competitor in 2012 Targa Newfoundland

    pikes peak like this?
  16. suprageezer

    To 2JZ or not to 2JZ

    My experience in 12 years, two 500.00 JDM 7mge ebay motors, one expensive well know supra retailer rebuilt 7mge that had mechanical issues from the beginning that lasted less than 30k miles, now I am a happy camper with a Kaizen swap used 2jzge on 7mge electronics, I love the extra power and the...
  17. suprageezer

    87 Supra Competitor in 2012 Targa Newfoundland

    This would be an incredible experience.
  18. suprageezer

    Air Filters

    Keep in mind that in order to have an increase in either flow or HP whatever filter it is, is allowing larger particulates to pass through its media. The larger the particulate boils down to more wear on metal parts. In the case of K&N or any other filter for that matter, it's very easy to see...
  19. suprageezer

    I No Longer Shop At Autozone

    They fire an employee who armed himself and whose coworker was being held at gunpoint.
  20. suprageezer

    Kaizen 2JZGE Swap & Suspension Redo

    Thought I'd share what's been happening with my 89 NA Supra daily driver recently. First off my Driftmotion Rebuilt 7MGE that had cylinder number five issues from day one finally died. You guessed it cylinder number five let loose. When I got the car to Jose at Kaizen he tested everything and...