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  1. mark1987supra

    GM Swap help

    What Engine? There are quite a few different ways to convert from a Toyota straight six engine to a GM Auto tranny.
  2. mark1987supra

    ProEFI for Dummies Guide

    Good work Albert. Sorry I haven't been on here in a couple years. I have been running a ProEFI 128 unit on my 7M MK3 since 2011. It is mounted under the seat and the wiring on mine determined the 7M harness from ProEFI. Larry @ Sound Performance showed me the benefits of a ProEFI over an AEM...
  3. mark1987supra

    ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    7MGTE, PROEFI, E55, SP61, 25 psi, 1200cc inj., BC 272 cams, Weisco 20 over, Crower rods, Hks Stopper, ARP Head and main studs. Changed wastegate made 27 psi on old plugs. I don't have a dyno sheet from this visit but also changed the plugs and started making 30psi. Snapped the pinion again and...
  4. mark1987supra

    R154 or A340E/TH350

    The key is going to be.. What is your car at now?? WHP/WTQ and also the mods already done to the car. There are limitations to your questions and I think we need your full break down, and what else you plan to do to the car to give you a good answer. ie.. If your car is going to be a drag...
  5. mark1987supra

    Proefi 48

    If you can afford one buy a 128 ecu!!! There are so many more capabilities to the 128. Also a couple of good dealers to deal with around you. Talk to Devin at DKT performance locally about the system, also dont forget that Sound Performance is about a 6 hour drive from you and are one of the...
  6. mark1987supra

    Anyone ever used this place for a rebuilt R154?

    I hear a lot of good things about these guys from the MK4 guys. BUT no personal experience with them.
  7. mark1987supra

    Sound Performance / Precision 5557 Bolt on turbo - thoughts/opinions?

    I am the one that emericaskater285 was talking about running one. Mine is an older SP61 bolt on with a 18 psi wg spring & the rest of the major mods are in my sig. You should always check your turbo and clock it for your setup. I did not have to use any spacers or anything to clear the...
  8. mark1987supra

    Ridiculous 1000HP 7M Street MK3 Build

    Subscribed from a fellow 7M High HP lover. Also I would not go with an aluminum driveshaft. Aluminum does not handle high torque, that driveshaft will twist on the line if you ever try to launch the car on a prepped track. I would look into a chromoly driveshaft (lightweight and incredibly...
  9. mark1987supra

    WTB 3.91 diff

    Like the title says. I am looking to buy a 3.91 diff here locally in the midwest. I snapped my pinion in 2 last friday @ the drag strip. The car hooked good for 1 run & made the best time in the car yet. Tried to leave harder & the pinion snapped off right @ the pinion flange. This was with a...
  10. mark1987supra

    clutch options 8xx hp ?

    No you want to run the biggest orifice possible as to not burn up the clutches. I am running the biggest a .005 in my recollection, and it is perfect. If you run to small of an orifice during shifts it will wear the clutches out fast. The restriction is only really needed launching and still you...
  11. mark1987supra

    clutch options 8xx hp ?

    Most linelock's recommend less than 60 seconds of use, ie. there purpose just for a burnout. Short time period not sitting at a long stop light for 3 minutes, you would probably burn through more line lock solenoids over time then the FCV costs. Back to the CM850 unit I would probably lengthen...
  12. mark1987supra

    Omaha Ice Cream Cruise

    I know that me and Newgen coming from Des Moines for certain, & I think Emericskater is coming as well. So we have a 600+ MK3 manual 7M manual, a 500+ MK3 2JZ auto TH350, and probably another 500+ MK3 6766? 7M manual. Also Supratrey from SF was talking about coming.
  13. mark1987supra

    7m billet 6265 qsv e85 aem at the dyno this thursday.

    Sorry to revive an old thread. Depending on the setup it can be. With a shot clutch last year a shot lsd I was putting down 12.xx 1/4's, @ 120+ mph, with a 2.+ 60 ft. that was also on megan track series coils, 26" Nitto 555R's, and stock drivetrain besides(ie. trans, driveshaft, lsd.) Needles to...
  14. mark1987supra

    Omaha Ice Cream Cruise

    Well coming up on August 3 is the Ice Cream Cruise in Omaha Nebraska. I was just wondering who else is planning on attending this year? I know that Newgen and I are coming from Des Moines, IA again. It should be a bigger turnout this year than last year. Here is the website link...
  15. mark1987supra

    clutch options 8xx hp ?

    With the CM 850 I would recommend everyone to use the FCV2000. Yes I am running it now, you can slip it out easily and makes the unit streetable after 1st just dump it and the valve will take care of the rest. Without the valve it is not really slippable or streetable in my opinion(literally...
  16. mark1987supra

    Low compression. Compression test and leak down results.

    Besides cylinder # 1 the compression test #'s look pretty good compared to each other(I don't remember the speck of the top of my head.) I know several 1000+hp 2jz that all have some leakage into the crankcase, & I do myself.
  17. mark1987supra


    Just passing along this information to everyone. Reid from SP created a facebook page to pass along the information to everyone. We have a tentative schedule for the many changes this event will see this year. We will be having a meeting at Sound...
  18. mark1987supra

    clutch options 8xx hp ?

    I am running a clutch masters 850 series twin disk. I will say it is a quality unit. Clutchmasters can build these units to handle whatever power you want to throw at it, the custom build each unit for the application. One thing I would recomend to anyone contemplating this unit is to also use...
  19. mark1987supra

    IL Supra Owners?

    I'm from Chi now living in Des Moines, IA, but still consider myself one of the Chi supras. I was back home last weekend racing in the Chi 1/2 mi., in my MK3. there are alot of supras around Chi most of them are on SF with the MK4 guys bc there is a large supra following from the Chi area.
  20. mark1987supra

    Swap questions!

    Well in the top pic It looks like the upper right connector goes into a pressure switch attached to the metal line. the lower left connector looks like it goes to the relay in the upper right corner. In the lower pic that white connector is normally an ABS sensor connector. There should be a 2...