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  1. Bmettie

    The 7mgte Bolt-On Turbo Catalog

    I have a Turbonetics Bolt on, second, third, fourth hand(who knows). I've done some research and found that its a F1-62 turbonetics turbine in a non branded CT26 turbine housing(standard 6 bolt to the center section), turbonetics standard shaft journal center with a GT63/T04R 63 Trim...
  2. Bmettie

    ms3x how to guide for 7mgte

    I doubt he was speaking to you directly, a year and a half ago.
  3. Bmettie

    Does anyone have a B1 Pinout
  4. Bmettie

    CSI fuel rail plug size m12x1.25
  5. Bmettie

    The technician shortage is getting worse

    This is the kind of stuff that I build/work on now, I used to be an auto tech. Now its just a hobby
  6. Bmettie

    500whp on probe Pistons
  7. Bmettie

    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs I have 3x 3/8 BSPT plugs in the...
  8. Bmettie

    AM2 Circuit pops fuse
  9. Bmettie

    Water neck sensors thread pitch for plugs The lowest one and ones on the T-stat housing are 3/8 BSPT The ECU sensor is m12x1.25 CSI Timer is m16x1.5
  10. Bmettie

    Maft pro wiring

    Pinout is in the manual, all the way at the end
  11. Bmettie

    What does this plug in to?

    Its the EGR temp sensor. Unless you have a Cali ecu it doesn't matter. Connector "b"
  12. Bmettie

    Where to obtain TEMS shock replacement?

    Not how they work, I'm betting that's a typo/copy/paste on the website. TEMS switching is TEMS specific, so the shocks must be TEMS specific.
  13. Bmettie

    ABS Master Cylinder

    RockAuto has a few ABS choices
  14. Bmettie

    What vacuum mods to make?

    That thing you don't know the function of is the factory bypass valve (blow off valve) and you should have one, factory or aftermarket.
  15. Bmettie

    stock cam gear adjust-ability

    So back on topic...The holes in the cam vs the cam gear are not identical. If you have the pin in the middle hole another one will not go into the side holes, you'll have to remove the center pin and roll the gear forward or back to get one of the side holes, hence the slight adjustability.
  16. Bmettie

    Any MS3Pro users on here?

    Cps works fine
  17. Bmettie

    ecu master digital tuner 3 on 7MGTE

    Better pic