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  1. MaNNy919

    BHG sooo son? Not convinced

    thx man will give those a try this weekend
  2. MaNNy919

    BHG sooo son? Not convinced

    well to start off its a rebuilt motor only has about 6k miles on it just this week my tempature needle has been spiking up to 3/4 and sometimes almost come close to hit red but then goes back down to its normal operating temp and it stays normal for the rest of the does it atleast...
  3. MaNNy919

    n/a exhaust

    i picked up a greedy sp2 muffler locally and all i got to say is daaam it sounds sexy as hell lol quiet while cruising and has a nice sound when wot not annoying at all will get a pic posted up later
  4. MaNNy919

    hey you have anymore hatch visors?

    hey you have anymore hatch visors?
  5. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    theres no leaks what so ever only problem is that the resevoir tank is empty by the end of the the morning i filled it up with water but never thought about squeezing the upper radiator hose so maybe like bigaaron said that can be why it seems like im lossing water and the resevoir tank...
  6. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    I think i have a BHG cause now im just losing water like every day but the car doesnt over heat no more like it used to:icon_evil...
  7. MaNNy919

    Somebody please explain to me why?

    umm...ok...might as well make it into a supra truck...
  8. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

  9. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    when i burped the car i only left it running for like 10min and it was not leveled...i turned off the car and filled it up with water... then drove it because i had to go to guessing there is still a guttfull of air...
  10. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    my tempeture gage goes up 3/4 then i turn on the heater for couple of seconds it goes back down to 2/4 and stays like that for a good while... i dont have a fan shoud my fan clutch seems to work good...what are the signs of a bad fan clutch? i dont have a undertray if its that thing...
  11. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    it seems like the car did have air in the system...I burped it for about 10min yesterday before i left to helped out a little since i dont see the birdcage coming on here and there no it just overheats when i drive it for a while. Ima burp the car tommorow with the car...
  12. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    thx IJ appreciate the help im hoping this can solve my problem...:biglaugh:
  13. MaNNy919

    Can it be a BHG?

    ive searched around but cant find a similar situation to mine...So my car started to over heat just last week. It would spike up to H and it would come back down below half to its normal operating temp when i would jump on the freeway. Then the bird cage came on and ignored it and kept driving...
  14. MaNNy919

    Slow day at the shop so we ghetto fabbed something

    that thing looks badass idk how people cant like it...
  15. MaNNy919

    Fluctuating temperature gauge

    could you please post pics as im having the same problem tyvm for your help:biglaugh:
  16. MaNNy919

    SocaL members

    LA county
  17. MaNNy919

    N/A Catback Exhaust Reccomendations

    Youst get a universal exhaust. I got a N1 style exhaust took off my resegnator.