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  1. supraguy@aol

    throttle body

    The TSRM does mention the throttle stop adjustment, but it was factory set. It states that it should be set to barely make contact with the set screw, but not hold the throttle plate open at all. After you adjust that, make sure the dash pot is adjusted to make contact with the throttle stop a...
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    Operation Drive and Enjoy

    On Facebook- I see that Scott is about to do big things with his car. He's already got the new motor.
  3. supraguy@aol

    Everybody's build thread! Pics of before and after...

    Since nobody's posted in here in 8 years.... My 89, in 2015 when I bought it; stock everything, engine diassembled, to now, 2024. HKS TEMS, Boost control, 3000 pipe, Twin spark, T-16 exhaust. New paint, factory color.
  4. supraguy@aol

    Crank and no Start- Puzzled

    Hey Ryan- A slightly weird idle is normal if you keep unplugging the battery. The ECU relearns the fuel trims each time you do that, and it takes a few miles of driving to complete. If it won't drop to a normal idle eventually, you may have a sticking IACV. Its very easy to remove and fully...
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    For the forever young 87 MKIII Supra Turbo

    Great build man- good luck. And don't worry about how long it takes. I haven't driven my 88 since 2012!
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    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    Still working on it. Did a little more carpet install today, I'm almost finished. Waiting on some new carpet clips from Toyota.
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    89 Targa White Package Restoration

    The smaller plastic clips can still be purchased, I beieve. Even though people don't post in here as much, they still check out the threads, so rock on, and keep posting!
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    And as of yesterday, I finally swapped out my HKS Drager exhaust, for the one I really wanted. The Drager was installed, because when I bought the car, it was missing the original exhaust, but the previous owner had the new Drager sitting in the hatch. But now I have the toned-down, almost OEM...
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    So, as of last week, I finally completed the tail repair. I'm satisfied with the outcome, but of course would have much rather not been in the accident at all.
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    Yes, pretty much all workshops(body shops) are privately owned, here in the states. The 'adjustment' of the rear finish panel wasn't too difficult, so I've handled that part myself. I will be having a private shop handle the repainting of the rear bumper.
  11. supraguy@aol

    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    The latest thing I've been playing around with, is the new hood. I had begun installing an MR2 side vent, into an oem steel hood, but wasn't liking it as much as I thought I would. So, I just said screw it- I'll get a carbon fiber hood instead. I found that the oem hood struts are WAY too strong...
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    Private workshops? Not sure what you mean. But the update is this: The day after I dropped off the car, they told me to come pick it up, because they can't get any of the parts for it. DUH. I told them that. So the insurance company sent me the check instead. I've been spending the past few days...
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    Yep, getting it fixed. I drop the car off on Monday to a repair shop. They told insurance $3200 to fix it, which insurance paid. But I'm sure that they'll be pocketing a chunk of that, because they were quoting pricing on molding parts, etc. that I KNOW they have no intention(or capability) of...
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    So like I said above...That WAS the best the car would ever look, lol. Got rear-ended, just sitting at a stoplight. Luckily, there's no buckling in the quarter panels. Mostly just damage to the bumper and nearly-impossible-to-replace JDM cherry lights. Oh well. Waiting on insurance to give me...
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    Project Git 'er done!: Stages 1, 2…now 3.

    Yes, As with all my resurrection posts, I will simply state that I do still have the car, and I do plan on finishing it. Actually, a slight bit of progress has been made. I bought a set of BC cams 3 years ago, and after replacing all of the valve stem seals the other day, I decided to actually...
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    Black Ruby MKIII

    Looking good!
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    Engine tripping

    When you say the car feels like it trips over itself, does the check engine light come on for 2 seconds, then turn off? If so, you're hitting boost cut.
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    Project: Git'R driving...a VERY short build

    So, a couple of more recent pictures, I replaced my Mustang reps with some Aodhan wheels that I liked, in a square setup. New tires as well. Also, the body molding trim strips were slightly shrunken and weren't adhering anymore, so I replaced them with a 12mm generic black stripping. I like how...
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    1986.5 Supra Restoration Story

    Wow. Nice work, but the road ahead would terrify me.