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  1. mrnickleye

    PS reservoir and bracket

    Look very close and you will see a tiny clip that you push in with a pocket screwdriver.
  2. mrnickleye

    transmission -> block. bolts
  3. mrnickleye

    Pls confirm my suspicion, or give opinion!

    except for Playbunny dates dot cum.:biglaugh:
  4. mrnickleye

    OverDrive off

    If your city is below 40mph limit, then off might be good. You will wear out the clutch packs sooner when it constantly shifts in & out of O.D.
  5. mrnickleye

    Hatchback Lift Supports

    Use a hair dryer to warm up the plastic trim pieces before trying to remove them. Cold plastic breaks easier.:biglaugh:
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    Use (the correct stuff of course) it in the trans (auto or manual), and in the Diff.:biglaugh:
  7. mrnickleye

    How do I identify these seals?

    1) front crank oil seal 2) oil pump drive shaft seal
  8. mrnickleye

    egr vsv

    EGR valve NEVER comes on at idle. If valve is removed and there are no vacuum leaks from related ports and hoses, no idle problem.
  9. mrnickleye

    can you identify the part

    The purpose of the hose, by the way, is to allow the blow-by (pressure that slips past the piston rings) that builds up in the bottom end (crankcase) to be released to the top end (inside valve cover), so the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system can draw the pressure away, and into the...
  10. mrnickleye

    Distributor Cap Question

    There is a vent/drain hole on the bottom of the distributor. Check my post in this thread.
  11. mrnickleye

    can you identify the part

    Dealer only. Order over night. $16...??? last year for me. It needs to be dealer, because it needs to fit easily, and made of oil vapor/fuel vapor resistant stuff. NOT heater hose.
  12. mrnickleye

    Coolant passage coming out of the head below the intake runners.

    The temps here have been from 15-20* F at night. 50-60*F daytime. I love driving my car in the winter here, as it gains what feels like 15hp due to the cold air. Car runs same without coolant to throttlebody, summer or winter, smooth as a babies ass.:biglaugh:
  13. mrnickleye

    flushing coolant

    7M BHG usually starts like this..... Most of the 7M BHG, AS A FIRST SIGN, do not send coolant into the engine oil, or out on the ground. Most of the 7M BHG blow at the #6 cylinder to a water passage. Combustion gasses are forced into the coolant when the fuel lights off (most...
  14. mrnickleye

    Coolant passage coming out of the head below the intake runners.

    The ONLY reason the throttlebody is heated is for better emission control on a cold engine. Once the engine is at normal temp, it does not help lower emissions. You want "cold" air going into the engine for more HPs. I noticed a bit more throttle responce when I by-passed the throttlebody...
  15. mrnickleye

    Need Pic of Impeller side of water Pump

    You are absolutely right about the water pumps on these 7M motors. I've done some testing on mine, and found that the pump barely moves water at RPMs under 1k. Heavy traffic, long redlights, and such will overheat you quick if you are not paying attention.
  16. mrnickleye

    EGR plate

    interesting site Also....federal law provides that if you want, you can request the "Material Safety data Sheet" (MSDS) for any chemical you buy. The place of purchase may have them on hand. You can always call the...
  17. mrnickleye

    flushing coolant

    To clean the overflow bottle, remove it from the car, fill it 1/2 way with hot tap water, and a hand full of nuts and small screws, and bolts. Cover the open holes with your hands, and shake it all up for a few minutes. Repeat as needed.:biglaugh:
  18. mrnickleye

    exhaust smokes on deceleration

    Also, worn oil rings on the pistons will cause oil burning on the decel because it cause a strong vacuum, and the worn rings can't wipe away the oil on the cylinder walls efficiently enough.:naughty:
  19. mrnickleye

    Changing out an oil pump

    ^^^ and I would never use 0w-30 or 5w-30 oil in a 7M. Too thin. The bearing clearances in these engines are larger than the newer cars. 10w-30 or 10w-40 is the thinnest to use.
  20. mrnickleye

    EGR plate

    This is generally a true thought.... but.... when I was racing 2-stroke motocross bikes here in the desert, I always used silicone gasket sealer (we call it blue glue) in the channel on the header pipe that fit to the head. It never failed me (and that pipe got removed at least once a...