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    Trans swap

    If the mk3 and mk4 both use the W58 5speed trans but the mk4 also is offered with the option of the V16x 6speed wouldnt that mean I could put the V16x in my mk3? In 5th gear at 60mph I'm at 3100rpm I need another gear Any knowledge on this idea? Its parked for winter and would love to do...
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    Transmission ?

    The mk3 has the W58 5speed The mk4 also has the W58 5speed,the V16x 6speed is an upgrade option Is there some reason why the 6speed wont go into the mk3?
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    Mk3 afm help

    I have an n/a
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    Transmission ?

    Will the mk4 v16x 6 speed bolt into the mk3 with a w58?
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    Mk3 afm help

    Can the restrictive US afm be swapped out for the better jdm model?
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    Afm swap to jdm model

    Anyone have experience w swapping out the US mk3 restrictive afm to the jdm model?
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    Transmission swap

    Will the mk4-V16X 6speed bolt in an mk3 with the w58
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    Train swap

    Can the mk4 -V16X 6speed be directly swapped into an mk3 w the w58?
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    Mk3 airflow meter swap to jdm

    Has anyone done a swap from the restrictive afm to the jdm maf?