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  1. Fozbo

    Death of a diff

    It's been quite a while, but figured I'd post up the most recent carnage at the drag strip...
  2. Fozbo

    Stacking Radiators - How should it be done?

    You'd be losing some cooling capability due to the fact that the air flow to the rear radiator would be slightly hotter than what you would get if it was setup like stock.
  3. Fozbo

    7MGE consuming oil, any advise?

    That much oil burning in only about 90 miles is pretty bad it seems. Save up a couple/few hundred and take the head off and have a shop redo the valve stems and then put it back together with a new HG. Even though you've done the HG already, it's a pretty good bet that it's the stems, like...
  4. Fozbo

    Feeling the Orange? check out the celica/mk4 mk3 supra on ebay!
  5. Fozbo

    AEM Tuning shop

    Hey everyone. I'm about to go with a full AEM standalone setup in addition to my forged internal built block, 62-1 turbo, etc etc. I am looking for a trustworthy shop that can tune the AEM with the 7mgte. I'm located in Norman, OK, but I'm willing to tow it somewhere in neighboring states...
  6. Fozbo

    mmmm tools - prepping for big boy build

    Yeah Devin, I'm thinking of taking all my cheapo mix-matched open-end/box-end wrenches and cutting them all in half and then just buying a nice set of either snap-on, craftsman, or the like. Well maybe not all of them, just the ones that were already breaking :P. Does anyone have any views on...
  7. Fozbo

    mmmm tools - prepping for big boy build

    Yeah, I have a quality torque wrench that I used pretty much for only the head studs and other major bolt installments. Noted on the bigger sockets and impact gun. Exactly the feedback I'm looking for, thanks.
  8. Fozbo

    mmmm tools - prepping for big boy build

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted. Finally received my degree about a year ago and have been training out in the field for the past year. Now I'm coming home and am planning a huge re-rebuild of my 89. I already rebuilt the engine a few years ago with forged internals, 62-1 turbo...
  9. Fozbo

    intercooler/intake piping diagram?

    Here is a stock diagram of the intercooler piping.
  10. Fozbo

    These make me happier then Clears ones!

    Interesting, a nice change of pace from all of the clear turn signals out there. My older brother has smoked signals, tails, and head lights on his pearl white RX8 and it looks real nice. I might look into these for my white 89.
  11. Fozbo

    Another Rims thread (with criteria!)

    I was looking into those CCW rims and starting looking more at the SP500 instead of the one posted above. They're starting to grow on me a lot, though I still want to do some more searching before I drop some cash.
  12. Fozbo

    Another Rims thread (with criteria!)

    Those CCW rims look nice, I'll have to look into them. Gofastgeorge: those are some nice wheels, just not exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the offer though. Thanks for the replies guys, keep em coming.
  13. Fozbo

    Another Rims thread (with criteria!)

    Hey guys. I have the engine built up, turbo that I want, and everything mechanically where is should be (aside from some very minor things). Now I am looking into getting some rims along with a nice paint job, possibly a front lip, and maybe a slight drop. I really don't know much about rims...
  14. Fozbo

    Cash for Clunkers

    I agree. Give the kid the supra. Don't really know if he/she is into cars/supras, but a free car is a free car (and a supra at that!). Is this a matter of you not wanting to give the supra to the kid or the kid does not want to take the supra? If you are worried about gas mileage, think of it...
  15. Fozbo

    rofl if i only knew what they were saying.

    Seems like it would have been easier to just replace the head gasket (assuming nothing else was busted).
  16. Fozbo

    turbo hitting hood

    From the looks of those pics, I can say with about 80% confidence that that pipe will not hit the hood. I have a 3" pipe running over the top of the engine that sits higher than that. The only concern with the height of that specific setup is a rib on the passenger side of the hood (about...
  17. Fozbo

    The debate of electric vs mechanical engine fans

    This is the job of the coolant thermostat (maintain the set temp that is). Why would you want two things competing to do the same function? When you get up to temperature, the fans would bump down, the engine heats up, the fans would bump back up as the thermostat was opening, the engine would...
  18. Fozbo

    Pic request

    Is this what you are looking for? Taken from this thread.
  19. Fozbo

    +How-To Walbro Install with 12VRelay all in one thread with Pics

    Just a quick correction. The two bolts on each strap right behind the rear metal bumper are size 14mm, and not 12mm (I'm still all oily from removing my gas tank :P).
  20. Fozbo

    Maft-pro and boost cut issues (logs/settings/mods included)

    Thanks for the replies guys. I went ahead and bought what I had on my to do list for a while now: Aeromotive AFPR, Walbro pump, and Siemens 680cc injectors. Those should safely get me out of boost cut and allow me to tune it safer with higher boost. My afr's read from the graph in the...