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    Turbo A duct how much are they worth?

    I found two in my MD garage while I am emptying it out. Both are painted dark blue pearl and are the 86-88 versions. They are the real deal I bought back in the 90s. What are they worth? Thanks.
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    Supra Vs Supra (7M vs 1JZ) RESULTS IN VIDEO Pg.21 Post #209

    Nice races guys My experience has show when both motors put out about the same power the 7M has advantage from a dig everytime.
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    HKS fcon/gcc/vpc combo -- fcon switch/option out not working?

    I have an 88 with the same stuff on it. Ill look tomorrow for you and I bought the harnesses with the kits new I love my combo and never ever had any problems with it. So many kids said trash it,dirty signal blah blah-runs great in any weather and is consistant when I bracket race it. Been...
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    Another code 52 nightmare

    I bought it from you about 3-4 years ago. No biggy-I will test it later this week. I loaned out my Multimeter.
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    Another code 52 nightmare

    Ok. And if there is what would be the culprit?
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    Another code 52 nightmare

    Grounds are okay in the motor compartment(Firewall to head,block to fender)
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    Another code 52 nightmare

    I am using a yellow plug ecu for a 5 speed car. I have three of them-tried all of them and same problem. Even tried a JDM one I had. Swapped to 2 new sensors Part# on old sensors are 76-743, 0302. They look great(old ones). Connector is fine,no rust and inward side is spotless I will...
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    Another code 52 nightmare

    88 ECU 5 speed. I don't remember the part number on the knock sensors....Ill look it up
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    jdm 7mgte in a US spec. HAC sensor question

    I got a spare HAC if you need one...
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    Another code 52 nightmare

    UGHHH.... Here is what I have done New knock sensors Shaef kit with the ground on the upper right hand side of the dash under a 12 MM bolt. Also tried using one of the screws that the ECU mounts too to mount the ground Swapped with 3 different ecus Harness is good going into the plug...
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    Use of amorall!

    Both Sonofagun and Armor all should be avoided-it actually dries out the plastic/Vinyl etc...
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    LS1 MK3 Questions

    If you get a LS1 try to get an 01 and up-has the better oil pump and the LS6 intake. Some 02s had the LS6 block-no real benefit of that though. If you get an LS6 get one from an 02 and up Z06-better cam and light weight valves. 25HP more at the crank
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    lexus afm question

    Keep the VPC-get someone who has a wideband to tune it. Much better than Lexus set up
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    lexus afm question

    I have a Lexus housing and electronics if you need one. When my car was with a stock turbo it ran way better with a VPC. Is your car tuned?
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    White smoke, not BHG again please...

    Was the head checked for warpage?
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    Seafoam does work but Mopar topend cleaner is a better route to take.
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    Piston Slap!

    If it goes away when motor is warmed up you will be okay.
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    Code 14 and no spark on #1 and #6

    Ground on coil pack tray tight?