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  1. Nick M

    Cant Stop Alexa From Listening!

    Some might say the problem is you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Why invite tyranny which only comes with a smile. But that is a different thread.
  2. Nick M

    What coolant does 1987 7M-GE Auto use?

    Only if he doesn't use the correct working thermostat which maintains minimum temperatures. The OEM radiator by NipponDenso is no longer made in Japan. It is now made in China, and aluminum. All else is the same.
  3. Nick M

    MK3 Removing 1987 7M-GE Auto

    Toyota says leave them connected and pull as a unit. So yes it can be done.
  4. Nick M

    Air Intake pipe small connector

    What do you see around it?
  5. Nick M

    Diff rebuild by "pro" not going well

    Crush collars are used again without noise on many applications. It sets pre-load on the bearing. It might not be your noise. So is the 7MGE.
  6. Nick M

    7m running RICH

    In times past people said they sprayed MAF cleaner in it, after a K&N was in place for 75,000 miles. We don't have a lot of options in that regard. I bought an actual 1UZFE meter on ebay years back. It had the same electronic part with number from Fuji. And I could be remembering wrong. It's...
  7. Nick M

    1992 mk3 US production numbers breakdown

    Call me crazy, I'd love a GE with a 5spd and sport roof for non daily driving.
  8. Nick M

    thinking of a gun to buy..

    I carry full size 1911 IWB everyday too. Springfield Armory is on the do not buy list. Unless somebody can show otherwise. Springfield has a video with an apology from family member that is the head of the company. And anybody with children...
  9. Nick M

    A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering Rack - A public service announcement.

    You would be surprised at what Millennials don't know. Or maybe you wouldn't.
  10. Nick M

    3P's TCCS Disassembly/Analysis

    Sometimes I rethink this. I want to remove some of the safety margin with heat. In addition to the 550s and Boss Jr with the 1UZFE meter. My car also idles and drives like normal, but I don't have the screw all the way out like some do.
  11. Nick M

    Your job title!!!

    Sadly, the idiots of who can't see the forest for the trees moved into the service shop. There are people who put the margin parts and cut flat rate time (collusion). The store makes the same revenue on the job but doesn't pay anybody. And as such, millions have quit the field. I got in a few...
  12. Nick M

    Your job title!!!

    3p didn't come across as a dipshit.
  13. Nick M

    Cold temps demonstrated on conventional oil

    The real question is why would one live where it is -40F. His essay is a good way in layman's terms to decode ambiguous information from manufacturers. Yes. The internet showed me how stupid people are. They do not take in information. It is shown in things like "Mandela Effect" videos. Or...
  14. Nick M

    Cold temps demonstrated on conventional oil I'll defend "Wal Mart" and their honor, which is Shell. This is the synthetic oil sold and branded for Wallyworld.
  15. Nick M

    Cold temps demonstrated on conventional oil

    This youtube video....just turn down the volume, lest you be inundated with nonsense. No surprise to see the video host surprised that it didn't go how they thought. Unless Mobil sponsored the video. The biggest "retard" comment is "Wal Mart oil". Wal Mart does not refine oil. Their self branded...
  16. Nick M

    Camshafts - Long Term Storage Preparation?

    It is also best to hang a camshaft just like you would a crankshaft.
  17. Nick M

    A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering Rack - A public service announcement.

    I was considering AC Delco, which is the aftermarket division of GM. In case some of you did not know. I already have some of their suspension replacement parts on my car. 2 in fact. Perfect fit and product.
  18. Nick M

    A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering Rack - A public service announcement.

    Thanks for the information. This is excellent information.
  19. Nick M

    injection issue 7mge need guru help.

    The signal to the injector is ground. If you have power, and the injector is good, you don't have ground.