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  1. Redsupra13

    poly subframe bushings kit

    Interested in front and rear set (yellow) shipped to 03301
  2. Redsupra13

    Headlight issue.. Backwards

    So when headlight switch is in off position. The headlights go up with drivers side slightly lower. Then with the switch all the way in the On position the headlights go down and the headlights turn on. I have tried manually resetting the lights no good. Fuses all look good. Have read about the...
  3. Redsupra13

    1jz oil pan bolt size

    What size are the oil pan bolts? I feel like this info shouldnt be hard to find but i only find oil plug info and that dritmotion sells a set. I have a part number 9011906624 for what I believe is the lower pan but still doesn't state size when plugged in online. Thanks for any info.
  4. Redsupra13

    Removing/Deleting 1jz turbo coolant lines.

    thank you for the info. I didnt think it was something that should be done. These are pics of my 1jz twins there not the best but you can see that someone before me put plates on them and used RTV silicone. Which leads me to believe the twins are probably going to be on the way out. I have found...
  5. Redsupra13

    Removing/Deleting 1jz turbo coolant lines.

    On my 1jz I do not have these coolant pipes(red arrows in pic) there are block off plates instead. After searching and reading different posts on different forums. It sounds to me like people say you can delete these pipes. Does deleting these pipes harm the turbos? Should I buy them and put...
  6. Redsupra13

    What do these plugs go to?

    Thank you for your response. Does anyone know what the plug in the first pic is??
  7. Redsupra13

    What do these plugs go to?

    This plug is on the drive side of the harness. Not sure where or what is goes to. These Two plugs are on the same side as the first plug. The wire on this plug is crazy long and plug is broken but still need to know what it goes to Thanks for all answers. My luck...
  8. Redsupra13

    Anyone have info on these Strut Braces??

    does anyone know who makes these bars and if there still available to buy? I take it there rare because i cannot find info on them. thanks
  9. Redsupra13

    Transmission Shiter Hitting not Lining up Right

    Thank you for the information. Mine is hitting the front of the opening.(side closest to the dash.) I just dont want to cut the chassis.
  10. Redsupra13

    Transmission Shiter Hitting not Lining up Right

    yes it was an 1989 7m na auto Trans. swapped trans to an R-154 with the NA. Now using it with the 1j swap.
  11. Redsupra13

    Transmission Shiter Hitting not Lining up Right

    I have an 89 toyota supra with the old square style mounts. I have the pre 89 swap brackets. The problem is that the transmission shifter control retainer is right up against the shifter hole. It actually bent the metal. Has anyone else had this problem???? i have searched on here and other...
  12. Redsupra13

    1jz crank pulley bolt???/?

    Where can you buy a new crank pulley bolt? or can you use a 2jz one? anyone know of a part number or what to replace it with? Thanks
  13. Redsupra13

    1jz Automatic Question

    I have been searching and but have not found a straight answer. or maybe i am just slow. If i use the 1jz automatic trans will the 7m auto drive-shaft work?