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  1. Zumtizzle

    Anyone know how to get ahold of Tokico Illumina II TEMS shocks?

    they were garbage then they'll be more garbage now. Bilstien or bust.
  2. Zumtizzle

    New Coilovers!! HELP!!!

    I sell BC, But i'm not a forum vendor yet. They'll run you 995 shipped, and i'll pay your tax. :) pm me if you're interested.
  3. Zumtizzle

    using standalone as a piggyback... pros and cons

    with the right tuner, even as a standalone it'll run like the stock computer.
  4. Zumtizzle

    7mgte with stage 2 brian crower cam wont start

    tweek performance get pinout for CPS right?
  5. Zumtizzle

    Spark plugs

    My vote is Copper, but that has to do with spark plug inspection. Then again no one really knows what they're doing these days. lol
  6. Zumtizzle

    89 7MGTE | time machine restoration, "build".Highly motivated with no time or energy

    You won't be able to fit two stock pumps into the Hanger.....
  7. Zumtizzle

    Rookie how to ease the pain?

    I'd rent a tranny jack tilt the motor and drop it.
  8. Zumtizzle

    Where do these plugs go?

    Click here. #20 is for sure an EGR Sensor Connector. ;)
  9. Zumtizzle

    Where do these plugs go?

    on an automatic wrapped up with two other connectors coming off the trans, on manual theres a sensor on the tailshaft, trace it down connect it up. the two wire connector how long is it, i've seen several federal cars with an egr temp sensor.
  10. Zumtizzle

    Where do these plugs go?

    ABS, and EGR temp sensor, wire too short to be Reverse.
  11. Zumtizzle

    Emilio's NewRedSupra

    well if you need parts. I'd be happy to be your parts source. :D
  12. Zumtizzle

    Intercooler cleaning possible?

    Yes. But i put it into the parts washer and use it as solvant.
  13. Zumtizzle

    Perma Cool products, your thoughts?

    I'm considering doing my Own Kit through my new business. Looked at Permacool, bought it. Sent it back, use the Permacool mount as a coolant filter. This was in 2008 Here's my Setup.
  14. Zumtizzle

    oil choice suggestions for rebuilt engine

    I'd go with the Rotella T6 :)
  15. Zumtizzle

    Welp it happened

    When you're ready to buy parts give me a ping, I recently started a mail order parts business. :)
  16. Zumtizzle

    Steve's mildly out-of-control build

    OSGIKEN made an adaptor at one point. but i'm sure you're on the ball for an Adaptor plate :)
  17. Zumtizzle

    240sx or Supra?

    with limited cash, I'd think a little more further, our values are going up as is the S-Chassis!