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  1. Rob_Supra87

    Anyone Know What Happened To My Old MK3?

    No where to keep it lol. Would be awesome if someone on here bought it so I could watch it get built up! Next 80's car I want is an MK2 :D
  2. Rob_Supra87

    Anyone Know What Happened To My Old MK3?

    I found out what happened to it lol.
  3. Rob_Supra87

    Anyone Know What Happened To My Old MK3?

    Hi! Long time Supra lover, been on this forum for a while! So I owned my 1987 Supra from 2008-2011 when I sold it to someone in the Bay Area. After I sold it I found it on CL (CraigsList) a couple months later in the Bay Area, fast forward another couple months and it was once again on CL but...
  4. Rob_Supra87

    Cold air intakes?

    There is a thread somewhere that says the Apexi Intake is the best one for the 7MGE, won't do much though anyways being as it is NA, but if you really wanna do it I recommend finding a way to make a heat shield of sorts to keep the engine hot air away from it.
  5. Rob_Supra87

    Wekfest San Francisco 2013 Coverage!

    Click Here Click to see coverage of WekFest San Francisco!
  6. Rob_Supra87

    Blox 2013 Open House Coverage Coverage!
  7. Rob_Supra87

    Whats the stupidest thing you have done to your supra?

    When I had my supra I installed the suspension my self and got lazy and cut up and bended up the rear plastic speaker part to get the rear shocks out $( had TEMS). The back looked like crap after, this was on a supra with 80k miles at the time, immaculate interior until then.
  8. Rob_Supra87

    Blox Open House 2012 Pics.

    I agree!
  9. Rob_Supra87

    Blox Open House 2012 Pics.
  10. Rob_Supra87

    You know you're a Supra owner when...

    When you regret selling yours :(
  11. Rob_Supra87

    WekFest2012 San Francisco

    Just in case anyone wanted to see some pics.
  12. Rob_Supra87

    Simple Cheap modifications.

    Auto window up mod Fog Light mod *lets you turn on your fog lights independent from headlights* Turn signal mod if you want to *basically your turn signal AND front side markers will blink* Tint windows! If your lip was dull and faded like mine was, their is no damage with taking it off and...
  13. Rob_Supra87

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    painted my sawblades gunmetal lol
  14. Rob_Supra87

    Clean SawBlade Crevices?

    I was wondering if you guys knew a easy solution *solution as in liquid mixture...or not* so clean in between the crevices of the sawblades and get the dirt out
  15. Rob_Supra87

    Stripped the Sawblades! Pics

    What if I were to paint them? I think gun metal would look pretty good actually....they would be protected then right?
  16. Rob_Supra87

    Stripped the Sawblades! Pics

    ^clear coat as in car paint clearcoat? Or is there a metal clearcoat I can buy and apply?
  17. Rob_Supra87

    Stripped the Sawblades! Pics

    So I am going to do this this week but first, so too protect them after I strip them; what exactly should I buy?
  18. Rob_Supra87

    Picture of the Day!