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    7M-GE ACIS Reference Thread

    These images were scanned by Nick M, so credit goes to him!
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    Uh oh, Toyota bad news. I wonder why Lexus/Scion aren't affected, hmmm.
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    Non Turbo to Turbo (NA-T) FAQ

    You will notice that I have cleaned it up a bit so there's less scrolling and less reading. I removed the GE electronics part because I figure it's very risky and not worth it for most people who turbo their cars. I'm pretty sure the reason most people look at this FAQ is because they are...
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    Standard vs Inverted Shock Design. Advantages/Disadvantages?

    As the topic says, what are the advantages of each, or is one completely better in every way except cost? I've heard that Inverted > Standard, but I'd like to know why (a true explanation). I know people have said that inverted is less weight, more durability, etc. but no explanation why. Thanks!
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    Laptop people, I've got a question!

    I got an old Dell Latitude D400 for 10 bucks. It's banged up a little bit, the battery doesn't last long, etc. Is it worth restoring it? It's a hell of a lot lighter than my current laptop so I think it has some use if I restore it (which shouldn't be too expensive).
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    Hyundai Genesis.

    Here's a lot of information I found on the Genesis, and some pictures I found as well. What do you guys think of the new Genesis? "While some turbochargers sacrifice smooth drivability with high operating boost pressures in the 20 psi range, Genesis Coupe uses a refined, low-boost calibration...
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    BMW "Green SuperCar". Green supercar. is is an oxymoron? A contradiction in terms? Not so, according to BMW, which is currently working on just such a machine. Still in its early stages, the Bavarian vehicle is not expected to hit the...
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    2008 TRD Supercharged Tundra
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    2009 Corvette ZR1 Motor Trend Article/Video.

    Article: Video:
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    Partially wrapping exhaust manifold/header...

    I've been wondering, could you partially wrap an exhaust manifold/header (basically not completely wrapping it) to get some of the benefits, and not the drawbacks? The drawbacks I hear of are mainly faster rust/corrosion due to the moisture being trapped within the wrap. Exhaust wrap is pretty...
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    My new car.

    2009 xB, base except for an exhaust tip/rear spoiler. It's pretty awesome.
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    2009 BMW X6 xDrive50i

    Yes, taken from SF Other Cars. :) Comment :) I don't really like it, but it's interesting coming from BMW I guess.
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    Stock/Lowering Spring Rate Compilation

    Here's a list of lowering spring rates that have been found over the net. I recently found out the rates of the Stock MKIII Pre-89s and the Whiteline Springs, so I've added them here along with the other list. I'll try to find out the spring rates from various companies in the future. I got the...
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    Angled exhaust exits. What's your favorite?

    What's your favorite brand of exhaust system, or favorite brand of muffler (on a custom exhaust system) that has an angle exit? Oh yeah, a weird idea I've been thinking about: Angled oval muffler. Would it work, or just look stupid?
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    Does anyone here have interest in a header?

    Us N/A guys only have two choices for headers: Pacesetter and OBX. Pacesetter is mild steel which is pretty lame and according to a header thread it's not really the best choice for a modified platform. OBX on the other hand is stainless steel but they're not really known for quality, so is...
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    Difference in 87-88 and 89+ stock springs?

    Are there differences between them? I've heard somewhere that they are different in the fact that 89+ is stiffer+lower. Anyone know this for sure?
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    Anyone have a deep sounding but quiet N/A?

    I've been wondering how to get rid of the raspiness without making it loud. Anyone have a setup that they would consider deep, but not too loud?
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    Look here if you're posting about a car that isn't a Supra.

    PLEASE post about it in the OTHER CARS section, it's not too far from Off Topic. If you post it here and not the Other Cars section, I'll give you an infraction if another moderator hasn't already... This little issue has been happening a lot lately, and it's getting bothersome that people...
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    Shock questions. (Durability/compatibility questions)

    For all those common shocks, what spring rates go well with them or would go "decent" enough to not blow them quickly (kg/mm or lbs/in)? I'm trying to determine what lowering spring I should get to match with my current shocks (bilsteins), but maybe you could list other information on other...
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    Cheapest "track" platform to start with.

    Got any ideas anyone? Miatas, old Corollas, 240SXs, what else? I might look into a cheap track platform in the future :D EDIT: Referring to road racing/auto-x.