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    1jz v12

    I came across this today and thought it was interesting.
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    Cool Article about the History of the Supra
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    Tokico struts

    I purchased a set of these off the forum and am getting ready to install them. Does anyone know what the numbers written on them mean? The fronts say 101 at the top. The rears say 121 at the top and 106 at the bottom. Also, does driver/ passenger side matter when installing the fronts. I...
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    Bad turbo seals

    I'm pretty sure the seals on my turbo are bad and will be rebuilding/upgrading soon. Yesterday I started my car which does not smoke on startup at all since I replaced the valve seals. I left it running in the driveway and was inside my house for about 15 min.. When I went back outside...
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    HKS TEMS Controller wiring

    Just picked up an HKS TEMS Controller and had a few questions. I realize most people do not own one of these so I'm not sure how much help I am going to get. One pic is of the TEMS controller. There were 2 different faces for the controller. This is the newer one. There were also two...
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    Blitz DD BOV

    I had this installed a while back but my car would backfire all the time and i figured there was a leak somewhere. I removed it and the backfiring seemed to get better. I do not think I had the adjustment screw on the top tight enough. I read some threads on this came to the conclusion it's...
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    Power Antenna 89+

    My antenna starts out by going up 3/4 of the way then makes a grinding noise and does not go up the remaining 1/4 (it will if I assist it). When I turn the radio off I hear the antenna motor running and nothing happens for the 1st 1/4 (which makes sense as its not all the way up) and then it...
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    Oil in spark plug valley

    I went to change my spark plugs today and there was a decent amount of oil is the spark plug valley. I am going to clean up the oil prior to removing the plugs but was wondering what I can do to prevent this. I read a bunch of threads on this and felt like half of what I read was not correct...
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    Autolite 3923

    Does anyone know why these Autolite 3923s are different? I bought 4 of these at 1 place and 2 at another place. I was going to install them today and realized they are not the same. One is slightly longer than the other, the metal is different and the end where the spark plug wire connects is...
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    Broken metal brake line

    Today while driving the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes and I bumped into the back of him (no damage to either car). As soon as this happened my brake pedal went to the floor. I popped the hood and most of my brake fluid was gone from the reservoir. I looked under the car and saw...
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    Bsvs doesn't exist on jdm?

    I have an 89 7mgte with a jdm motor that was put in by the previous owner. The charcoal canister has no hose coming out of the left side running to the bsvs. The other hose from the throttle body is capped off. The thermostat housing doesn't have a spot bsvs at all? After reading some...
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    Wheel Bearing? (video included)

    I am wondering if this sound is due to the slotted/cross drilled rotors and pads or its a wheel bearing. I am guessing a wheel bearing. I also always hear it after I start the car and make the turn out of my driveway. Thanks, Tim
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    Engine Bay Plug

    Anyone know what this plug goes to? It is the same exact shape and size of PPS plug except that one is white and this one is gray. It is directly under the cold start injector. This has been unplugged since I have owned the car and everything in the car works to my knowledge.
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    Rack and Pinion Install

    I have an 89 supra turbo with PPS. I will be installing a new rack in a week or so and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice. I will be using the TSRM and other info I have found on this forum. I ordered my rack from based on a recommendation from this forum and the...
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    Valve seal replacement without removing the head

    So I am going to attempt to replace the valve seals using the rope trick without removing the head as the head has been recently shaved and torqued down with ARP studs. I was a moron by not having the valve seals replaced while the head was off. So rather than paying a mechanic $800 to do this...
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    Supra 10PSI and Stock Front Lip Question

    I own a 89 supra turbo 5 speed and mods include full 3 inch exhaust, intake and BOV. The head has also been shaved with a new stock head gasket and ARP head studs torqued to 90ft lbs. No fuel system or intercooler or turbo upgrades. I only plan on running 10psi with my supra and do not plan...
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    Breakup in 4th gear at WOT

    I currently have an 89 7MGTE (JDM motor) 5spd. Mods include full 3" exhaust (turbo elbow, dp, test pipe, blitz nurspec) , blitz ss bov, intake, new iridium plugs and magnecor wires. The head was also resurfaced with a stock hg and arp head studs. So the other day I was racing a 300ZX tt and...
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    Leaking power steering gear housing and oil pan

    I have an 89 turbo 5speed. I am currently losing power steering fluid and it looks like it is leaking right at the gear housing where the intermediate shaft connects. My oil pan also appears to be leaking. First I was wondering if it is possible to replace the oil pan gasket without pulling...
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    Car Not Starting

    I have an 89 Supra Turbo 5 speed and after not driving the car all winter I got and tried to start it. It cranked over 5 or six times (probably a crank or 2 away from starting) and then the battery finally went dead. I recharged it and went to start the car and it just clicked. I have...
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    gas cap wont open

    Quick question which I'm sure has an easy answer: My brother lives in DC while his car sits at my parents home in PA and I went to get his car inspected and needed to stop and get gas. I pulled up on the gas door release and the door wont open.......I even wedged something under the lever...