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    Suspiciously Slow JZA70

    If you ever want to sell those floor mats I want them badly!!!
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    1jzpwrlives JZA70 build thread

    looks like an awesome build plan. I got a black jza70 too so ill be following your thread and subscribing to your youtube channel. I don't have the patience for build vids but fun of driving I can do lolol.
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    Switching 1jz to sequential injection

    not worried about the physical wiring. that's easy enough, its the software side changes I have reservations about
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    in all seriousness youll want to set a power goal first and build towards that. depending on what you are looking will mean a different selection of parts.
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    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    what did it come in at?
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    Bone Stock 1JZ MK3 Dyno - June 2017

    interesting!!! Sadly I'm taking the opposite approach and building my jza out lol. got any more pics of the car??
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    Your job title!!!

    District manager for ATT National Retailer. Supra is a fun car for me and I always loved the mk3. Drove to highschool with a girl that had an auto non-turbo one and it was a blast. Sold my 2011 wrx that had way too much money in it, and picked up my 1990 jza70.
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    Switching 1jz to sequential injection

    Looking into converting my 1jz to sequential injection over this winter season. Using AEM V2 and looking to upgrade turbo and injectors. Currently have an awesome running car on 550's and gt35. What is the injector phasing I need to set for the sequential injector vs my current batch...
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    Cool Article about the History of the Supra

    no real new info but nice to see a place like cnet putting the info back out there!
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    AEM V 2 base map

    yes please send it over!!
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    I need to do this to my digi dash. you have any write up on it???
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    Emilio's NewRedSupra

    nice writeup. car looks great. Are you going to be keeping it?
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    Suspiciously Slow JZA70

    sweet!!! another jza70 limited to match mine!!!
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    JZA70 return to the road and onwards to reliable performance

    huge inspiration!!! I actually bought a jza70 limited edition that I'm working on. Was having some ignition breakup that normal plugs didn't fix so ordered those same denso coils. We'll see how it works out. But yes your car is amazing and ive referenced this thread a bit already.
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    Project Clean 87

    sounds like a great project. any chance of reposting up some of the pics. they all are appearing dead.