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  1. OfnaRcR4

    Driftmotion Clutch Q?

    I used that with a stock disc with almost 400 wheel. Did just fine.
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    Spark plugs

    Although the guy knows a ton he gets more enjoyment making passive aggressive sarcastic post about how dumb everyone else is. Its a trend I've noticed for quite a few years.
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    Auto Transmission Difference

    That was a bit rough to read but as far as i know they are all the same. MK4 is different but i'm not sure how.
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    Just sold my last MKIII

    Kind of in the same boat. Bout to sell my white mk3 in favor of the is. I think I might get another one one day if I can still find one that's not too destroyed. Btw, I'm planning to rebuild my 7m and throwing it in the is. For a budget build it makes the most sense to me although I doubt...
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    A quick question..

    I'm going to guess that its not turbo related. Mine was at 17 lbs around 3000
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    Cold air intakes?

    As jj said, stock is fine.
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    Final attempt!

    Cool story bro.
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    OfnaRcR's Wanna-B Build Thread

    I loved mine too. Almost 100k mi on it and I was not too nice to it either.
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    OfnaRcR's Wanna-B Build Thread

    It really is a shame, especially because it was caused by blown turbo seals and my lack of attention. oh well though gotta move on. Planning on boosting my IS300 next. Even have the bad idea of throwing the 7m in there because of the cost.
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    Auto Transmission Difference

    not trying to be picky buy it's not every gear, just two clutch packs:) I have to agree on the 5 speed swap though.
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    Auto Transmission Difference

    No. 1 one way clutch has one more clutch disc and friction pad. there is also another one that has one more but I forget which one exactly. One of then goes from 5 to 6 and the other goes from 6 to 7 but again I forget which one is which. Basically the turbo a340e will hold slightly more power.
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    OfnaRcR's Wanna-B Build Thread

    Car left on a trailer today for $500. Sad day but the new owner has some good plans with it.
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    7m-ge hg torque specs

    Not to be a dick but how do you know this?
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    I just realized the thread start date..
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    It depends on a ton of things like said before. After 5800 power seems to drop off. Id shift at 6 on a stock turbo.
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    7MGTE Fuel Cut at 2700rpm

    Bansuit on! I have to agree and I haven't even really read this thread. That's the last time I will comment on this matter.
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    Please help ... A/C problem!?

    I've made that mistake before. Anyway..... Was it working with r12 before hand?
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    Road racing on the track w/o a thermostat

    Do you have your fans on while you are racing? When at speed it can actually hinder flow. Try a stock fan.
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    240sx or Supra?

    I'd look in to that some more. I was never nice to mine and I got at least 20 every fill up. This was on a 400 wheel 7m with lex afm, 560's, walbro exhaust etc.
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    240sx or Supra?

    You must have some crazy stuff done to yours. I got 21 combined and that's getting on boost quite a bit.