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  1. OfnaRcR4

    2002 lexus is300 how much would you spend on this one?

    I've been thinking of buying one of these for a bit and came upon this one. He's wanting to do $6800 but i just don't know how much one of these is worth. Rebuilt title (front end collision that he said wasn't that bad but still makes me...
  2. OfnaRcR4

    Odd overheating problem(soft upper hose)

    1992 olds 88 Last summer i had to put a new radiator in the thing because my grandpa just loved stop leak. New T-stat as well. Was fine for about 6 months and now its overheating again. The car will overheat, city, highway, idle. Fans are turning on. One major thing that bothers me is...
  3. OfnaRcR4

    92 supra CD radio pinout

    Anyone got one? I've got a 92 supra radio model number CD-1634 TL1 but the connector in my 91 is gone so i need a pinout. Plan is to directly solder the wires to the players pins but I don't know what wire to put to which pin, thats why i need a pinout. Any help would be appreciated. I guess...
  4. OfnaRcR4

    Wont go into gear, video inside

    Well for a little while now my supra has been making a horrible racket. I knew it was driveline related but didn't have time to tear into it yet. Anyway now it finally wont go into gear at all and when i rev it i can feel a vibration. Here is a video of the sound it makes. R154, DM stage 2...
  5. OfnaRcR4

    Rebuilt A340e no second gear (FIXED)

    Please go to post #3 "Well.. I feel like an idiot. Looked down and realized the trans computer wasn't even plugged in. One more problem though. First gear goes to like 3 or 4k rpm and skips second. When I put the gearshift to second it goes into second but it slips really bad...
  6. OfnaRcR4

    Auto trans rebuild kit

    Does anyone know where i can get a rebuild kit for an A340e trans for a turbo? Rock auto doesn't have any that includes the clutches for a turbo poopra. Searched ebay and came up with MK4 results.
  7. OfnaRcR4

    Guess this engine failure

    1999 Bonneville 3.8. Normal old people driving when this noise started. Lost of smoke coming out of the oil cap. I'm convinced it's something with the valvetrain but i'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think it might be:aigo:
  8. OfnaRcR4

    Not much air coming out of HVAC vents?

    Making this thread as a reference for people who have replaced a dead blower motor for your HVAC system in your car with a non OEM one and are having a hard time getting any air out of the vents. Knowing this would have saved me a lot of frustration. Short story is my blower motor died during...
  9. OfnaRcR4

    A340e how to adjust line pressure

    I recently picked up a 91 turbo auto and knew it had some trans problems. When in drive it'll slip and rev up to around 3k and then suddenly grab and take off. It does this in 1st and rolling in 2nd. Somebody sujjested that I change the fluid, filter and increase the line pressure. My...
  10. OfnaRcR4

    Speedometer cable issues

    Anyone ever buy a lower speedo cable from rock auto? Seems the part doesn't quite work. It's missing the threaded end that clamps the cable to the gear assembly. Anyone ever have this problem? Pictured part My part.
  11. OfnaRcR4

    Can't figure out this misfire

    Background of car: 560 injectors/walbro/lexus afm drilled out j tube. No regulator or tuning. Ran alright for about a year and a half so i don't know if has anything to do with me not having a tune or a regulator. I just have a light miss at any rpm. I first noticed it during a drive in...
  12. OfnaRcR4

    Odd overall voltage drop issue (With Video)

    I had this problem the other day with my car where i started it up and realized the battery was only showing 11.9 volts on my turbo timer and my idiot lights were on. I checked the battery connections and started the car back up and still the same issue. As i drove down the road i was looking...
  13. OfnaRcR4

    Lexus IS300 thoughts?

    Recently my car's age has become more and more apparent to me from general aesthetics (maaco did a poor job) to driveability (no power steering and poor idle due to lex/560 without tune). I've been looking around lately and i've found a few 5 speed IS300's for a decent price and it's got me...
  14. OfnaRcR4

    Find this gasket for me

    After doing my fuel upgrade I realized I had some gaskets that weren't saveable. I can't seem to find this one, anyone know where I can get one?
  15. OfnaRcR4

    Lollapalooza chicago.. whose going?

    Since off topic is kinda dead lately. Who is going and who do you hope to see there? Appearently the lineup is supposed to be up on the 26th.
  16. OfnaRcR4

    Possible to bypass the PPS solenoid?

    I know this has been asked before but i can't find it when i search:nono: Anyway, my solenoid went out (measured 7 ohms but and when i supply voltage to it i get no click) and i was wondering if there was a way to bypass it so i can at least have some assist with steering without having to buy a...
  17. OfnaRcR4

    Clunking up to 20 mph

    Just replaced the clutch in my r154 and now that i have it all back together i've noticed that the car makes a decently loud clunk from what seems like the output shaft area of the trans. Only does it at the beginning of 1st and 2nd and only up to 20 mph. Highway speeds its fine. Any ideas?
  18. OfnaRcR4

    This is probably a noob question but.. bolting on pressure plate

    Trying to finish my clutch and am fairly certain that i'm doing everything correctly, just seems kind of odd in my eyes the way the tsrm explains it. If i get this right i'm supposed to bolt on the pressure plate through the inspection plates correct? How do you guys turn the engine to get to...
  19. OfnaRcR4

    Sounds like a blown shock but shocks are new?

    Okay i have this thumping coming from the rear right shock area of the car that basically sounds like a bad shock.. or so i thought. I got some new tokiko HP's and threw those on there and while doing so i noticed that the mounts looked to be in pretty good shape, no cracking or tears and still...
  20. OfnaRcR4

    Why is my engine running so odd now? throwing a code 71 EGR

    Well that damn annoying to replace coolant hose in the front of the engine under the t-stat exploded on me again so i went ahead and changed it out. In the process i disconnected all the connectors in the way, moved the ps reservoir and bracket and took out what i'm assuming is the cps(black...