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  1. GreenChevelleSS

    2jzge Turbo manifold fitment into mk3

    not the crappy cheap one. have an s362 and had to hammer the crap out of it and use a spacer to get the turbo on
  2. GreenChevelleSS

    GreenChevelless's Remorse: 1992 supra build

    Well looks like my pictures disappeared. But heres an update. I removed the fuel pump and removed the factory 8mm fuel hard line and installed a 3/8" line, and an aeromotive 340 stealth pump. waiting on parts to finish.
  3. GreenChevelleSS

    Fuel filter inlet thread size

    going to be Replacing my fuel pump with a 340lph and decided to upgrade the fuel line to 3/8 while im there. I want to run a -6 an fitting into the filter from the pump. Can anyone tell me if its 14x1.5 or is it 12x1.25
  4. GreenChevelleSS

    A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering Rack - A public service announcement.

    owning an auto shop i deal with these shitty rebuilt products daily. also all the chinese dorman products are horrible
  5. GreenChevelleSS

    2jzge runs bad.

    Yep, had the ignition timing 10* BTDC like oem on the 7m. Im running new denso copper spark plugs, NGK wires and boots, everything is new. I will check the wiring and verify it is all correct as we all make mistakes.
  6. GreenChevelleSS

    2jzge runs bad.

    92 mk3 with 2jzge on 7mgte wiring and electronics evo 560cc injectors and det3 piggy, 2jzge vvti coils ebay header, s362 turbo, 3" exhaust. BC upgraded valve springs, GTE HG and arp studs. always runs like it has a misfire very lethargic, rough idle. i dont know how to really explain it, but...
  7. GreenChevelleSS

    GreenChevelless's Remorse: 1992 supra build

    Starbird car show here in Tulsa. about happen again here in February. Been in it twice and both times i was amazed at how much attention the car received in the middle of all very nice custom, domestics and muscle cars. Just nice to have an indoor car show during the winter. Yea the blower is...
  8. GreenChevelleSS

    GreenChevelless's Remorse: 1992 supra build

    Well I just spent the last 2 hours updating this threads pics to get rid of the annoying photobucket BS Figured i post some recents of the car instead of just the motor pics above.
  9. GreenChevelleSS

    GreenChevelless's Remorse: 1992 supra build

    So this sucks that all the photobucket pics are gone. So I will update with some new pics. Car is 2jzge-t swapped now. Nothing special yet. still working on it. I also do all my own powdercoating thats why EVERYTHING is powdercoated haha, Pulled the front subframe and rebuilt it. New stainless...
  10. GreenChevelleSS

    tossing crappy injectors

    are they the evo 560 injectors? just curious.
  11. GreenChevelleSS

    Front Lip Alternative

    Home depot and lowes has it, called garage door seal. been on mine for years. Never had anyone notice it wasnt the factory lip
  12. GreenChevelleSS

    Replacement for a supra?

    CTS-v sedan G8 or SS or GTO
  13. GreenChevelleSS

    thinking of a gun to buy..

    I carry a ruger LCP II. I love the little pocket rocket. I can go anywhere and no one ever knows its there and its always on me. When im heading out somewhere I always grab my Shield 9 or XDS .45 to take also. Id rather have some knockdown power and use the 380 as a backup.
  14. GreenChevelleSS

    My Other Car Hobby - Tall n Slow

    Ive been wanting to do some overland trails. Have you done the alpine loop? or know of any other multiple day trails?
  15. GreenChevelleSS

    Powder Coating

    Hell ive powdecoated plastic before. Like i said i did mine but i don't recommend it if you are doing it the correct way. if your taking it somewhere to have it done, they probably wont do it anyways. Most commercial places will outgas the metal before or after blasting to make sure there are no...
  16. GreenChevelleSS

    Powder Coating

    I did mine myself. yes it can be done. My powder is baked at 400* F for 10 minutes. I dont think i did it that high or long because afraid of the bonded rubber but its in the car and got about 200 miles on it, no issues yet lol
  17. GreenChevelleSS

    cutting out and backfiring at 2200rpm

    Im running an AFPR and it does it at all loads. The fuel pump resistor has been bypassed for diag reasons also pertaining to this problem. The fuel pressure seems to be alright at idle and free revving but i dont have a gauge inside to monitor it while driving. I plan to upgrade the pump soon to...
  18. GreenChevelleSS

    cutting out and backfiring at 2200rpm

    Yes still running 7m cps, I have 2 and it did the same with both. Grounds are good I made sure of that when putting it in. Im probably gonna add another block to body ground but I have the original one by the exhaust that goes to the head.
  19. GreenChevelleSS

    cutting out and backfiring at 2200rpm

    So I just did the 2jzge swap, used the 7m harness and ecu. Its still happening. I havent done any diag on it yet but I changed to vvti ge coils and removed the 7m coil pack connector and Denso 4 wire o2 sensor. and its still there. When I get the car back from exhaust shop will dig into it more...