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    Major changes

    Glad the site is back up. Now I get to show you guys what I've been doing. Lol
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    i'm thinking about getting a new custom plate. what do you guys think of this?????
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    discount code

    does anyone know if there's a current discount code for rockauto? thanks........
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    wiring question

    looking for a little help here. has anyone done any wiring mods to their supra? what I'm looking for is info on removing unused wires from the harness. i'm doing a rewire with my ms3 pro, but I also want to get rid of the extra stuff...... abs and airbag wiring. can I just cut the wires...
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    manual rack ???

    i'm working on doing a manual rack for my 90. has anyone done this on a mk3? I have an ide of what parts I need, but i'm always open to suggestions.
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    question on o-rings

    just wondering if anyone has had their block o-ringed? my builder wants to o-ring the block as insurance for running high boost. I understand the way it worksand did some research.... looks like almost all high hp race cars do it. just looking for any info from people that have done it.
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    fuel pump and injector ??????

    ok guys. I'm looking for some advice here. I currently have an e-85 walbro 450 and 1000's. i'm wondering if anyone has made 700+ wheel with that setup, or do I need bigger injectors and or pump setup? i'm going to order bosch 1700's, and I don't want to go dual pumps if the 450 will cut it...
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    broken clutch fork

    has anyone ever had the clutch fork break while driving? what would cause this?.....just age? I lost the clutch earlier and saw some fluid under. I was hoping it was just the slave, but I looked in the trans and saw the fork was in 3 pieces. just wondering if this is common or if there could...
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    seat bracket question

    i'm looking for input from anyone who has a sparco seat in their mk3. I've done a bunch of searching, and can't come to a conclusion as to what brackets I need for my car. I found a bunch of threads on the subject, and so far it looks like most make the seat sit too high. also, lots of...
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    twin disc clutch

    looks like it's time for a multi disc clutch. the problem is...... which one to buy I wanted a tilton, but I can't find one for my car. I thought that a few people on here had one in their mk3, but i'm not 100% sure. I'm looking at spec, rps, and clutchmasters. I hear that people have had...
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    fuel pump ?????

    has anyone tried the new aem 380 pump? it's supposed to support 700 hp. if it doesn't, is there another in tank pump that will? i'm shooting for at least 700 when i hit the dyno. i have the aem 320 and 1000cc injectors right now, and i know my pump won't do it.
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    need help. aem v1 question.

    hello all. just a quick aem question. is there any way to feed the stock tach a signal from the aem so that the tach works? i have sti coils installed, so everything under the hood that WOULD have sent the signal is gone. thanks in advance......
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    help with smoking issue...

    long story short....... i have a rebuilt 7m with about 8,000 miles on it. completely gone through.... everything is new and has eagle rods, forged oversize pistons, new shimmed oil pump, titan mhg, decked head and block. new 60-1 ct26, 1000cc injectors, aem ver 1, etc... the car started...
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    borg warner ?????

    i'm looking for any input from people that have used a bw turbo on a 7m. i'm looking to get a s366 for my car and wondering if anyone else has used one, how it went. i am shooting for anything over 500hp, and streetable. :)
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    3 years and counting

    hey all. not sure i ever started a build thread, so here's what i've done in the past 3 years. :) started with a rust free 90 supra that i scored for $600. it wasn't running, but everything was there. since then i've been quite busy.. lol under the hood: rebuilt 7m. new bearings...
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    tachometer question

    this question is for those running a cop setup on their 7m. how do you get the tach to work after the swap? should i buy an msd adapter, or is there another way? btw, i'm running subaru sti coils...... and, yes they work. lol
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    fuel pulsation?

    hey all. i just installed an afpr, and i feel A LOT of pulsation in the braided line. the question is...... has anyone had the stock pulsation dampener go bad? or is this normal with the afpr installed? thanks all
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    bigger fuel line setup

    long story short.............. my car is running out of fuel up top. i have a 60-1 turbo, 630cc injectors, wally 255, new filter and an aem ems. my tuner has tried everything to get the lean spot out, but no matter what we do, it's still there. he suggested going with a bigger fuel line and...
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    question on balancing

    it was suggested to me that i have my crank balanced with the flywheel and clutch bolted up to it. i was wondering how many of you guys have done this? is it common practice to have this done? also, what happens when you replace the clutch and or flywheel in the future? i'm only asking so...
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    aem v1 tuning questions...

    hey all. i recently had my aem ems installed and started doing some tuning. when we started i was running fic 630cc injectors and the stock fuel pump. we ran into some stumbling around 2500, and it leaned right out at 5k. at higher boost levels it leaned out earlier, about 4500. we tried...