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    High compression high RPM 7M-GE build

    Hi guys, thought i should start a thread about the new engine i'm building for my Cressida (yeah yeah, its not a supra, but close enough!) For those that dont know, 7m's are kinda my thing, GE's in particular. I'm not really into turbos. What i do like is a nice responsive high rpm NA...
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    N/A 7M Lover from Down Under

    Oh hai! The Cressida forum is down so I need a new place to wax lyrical about the mighty 7m.... this looks like a good spot! I run a small aftermarket parts business in Melbourne, Australia making billet performance parts for Toyota's, mainly Cressidas and 7M/JZ engines. Work keeps me pretty...
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    How much boost can i throw at stock pistons?

    hey guys i come from the land of the GE, built plenty of 7m's but not a boosted one yet. im a huge fan, got my own nuts 9000rpm race motor slowly in the build. i am doing a GTE for a customer, he is on a budget and im just wondering what the limit on stock (new) slugs is? it has some huge...